PencilFX . . . the app

by bookindian

$1.99 from the Insatiable Genius . . . PencilFX only got three features, but the 3 are enough to do some interesting “pencil” work on yer existing photo images.

In the “tool box” you get the “Paper” mode, “Details” (Edge width, Black tone, Gray tone), and “Strokes” (Low light adjustment, Smudging, Strokes, Contrast, Hardness).

With this app you don’t have to do anything . . . no dragging the finger or stylus, just move the sliders . . . that’s it !!! As you play around with the different features you’ll probably wonder where has this app been all my life? . . . so buy it. Only thing I DON’T like is the icon looks like fucking Mitt Romney !!!

You can also use video images . . . I don’t shoot much vid stuff so you’ll have to go for yo sef on that one . . . most “cartoon-y” transformation app I’ve seen on the market. GET IT !!!


Original photo image . . .


PencilFX-ed . . .


I didn’t have to do anything but move sliders . . . the photo images load as a “pencil drawing”, so 99.9% of the work is done from the git-go . . .

I wrote a review of the app on the App Store and noticed that as usual, someone was pissing and moaning about not having the original photo colors . . . get the Doublexpro app and overlay the two images . . . duh . . .

The PencilFX app doesn’t mess with image size/scale, so the match is good.

Check it out . . . PencilFX x Doublexpro . . . .