KitCam . . .

by bookindian


I got KitCam yesterday for $1.99 . . . and it’s AMAZING!!!

Being able to make adjustments BEFORE snapping is awesome !!!

This app makes the iPhone/iPod Touch camera behave like a 35mm big boy . . .


Adjust for white balance, exposure, oh, and the tilt/shift feature . . . YEH !!!

The “fisheye” lens actually functions like a real fisheye . . .


and you can add frames, vignettes, and all sorts of stuff . . .

Most of the really cool add-on features (lenses, film, frames) are extra . . . at $1.99 a pack . . . kinda price-y but well worth it.

With Apple’s 5 megapixel camera and KitCam you can get some v-ery nice pics.


For impromptu snapshots I still prefer the default iCam, the Hipstamatic and 6×6 apps got my back . . .


Double exposure feature . . .

With KitCam I can do set-up stuff, you know, like architecture, close-ups, etc. cos the “live preview” let’s me see what the final image will look like without having to wait until I’ve run it through PhotoForge 2 or some other “darkroom” app . . . good for controlled situations.

I installed the app on my iPad 2, not that I’ll use it much . . . but it’s good for demonstration purposes.