iPod Touch 5G cam

by bookindian

. . . took the new iPod Touch out to the silos to snap some pics of the public art . . . the site is gradually deteriorating from random tagging . . . some clown with no talent used red spray paint to mess-up several panels . . . so I’m posting of some photos of the more interesting sections . . .




I framed segments of the graffiti to resemble the abstract expressionist paintings of the 1950’s.


The following photo was taken using the KitCam app . . . OLGA lens, OSLO film, and the VIVIAN frame . . . shades of “Patrick” (Sponge Bob Squarepants’ buddy).


Hipstamatic again . . .


All but one of the photos were taken using the Hipstamatic app . . . Kodot XGrizzled film and the Gangster Squad GS lens. Some image adjustment was done with PhotoForge 2 (contrast, color saturation, and exposure).

I shot several “panoramic” images with default camera, but found that sections of the images dropped out, like what happens with video . . . “noise” I guess . . .

Question: is the iCam’s “panorama” mode really just a video capture ?

I’m going to mess with the panorama feature a bit more and see if I can find the issue . . . i.e. fast pan or slow short pan motion . . .

. . . check out the silo interior shot.


The black areas at the bottom margin and top right margin are the areas that contain no visual data.


. . . u-u-uh . . . O.K. some new political slogan or something . . .

p.s. The KitCam app has been updated, allowing you to access the pic album to make adjustments to existing imagery . . .