OWLE modification . . .

by bookindian


My new iPod Touch 5G won’t fit the old OWLE iPod 4G mount . . . and I don’t intend to buy a new one . . . that is if ALM even makes one for the new, longer iPod Touch 5G . . .

I’m going to get my Dremel tool and grind a bit off the top and bottom of the right side of the old iPod nest so the new toy will fit . . .


the yellow paint indicates the areas that will be removed.


The old rubber housing will also need some knife work . . . like cut off the end . . .


My goal is to eventually buy the ALM “cinema” lens mount so I can use my old Nikon FM lenses on the OWLE camera housing with the new 5G . . . I’m thinking of a 43 – 86mm zoom lens specifically.


All pics shot in available light with the iPod Touch 5G – some cropping with the PhotoForge 2 app.