Re: iPod Touch x OWLE BUBO

by bookindian

Recently I posted about modifying the OWLE BUBO for my new iPod Touch . . . but someone seems to have been developing a new “platform” for the iPhone 4/4s and 5 . . . and it can be found at Photojojo . . .

So what ???” you say . . .

Well, the new iPod Touch 5G is basically identical in length and width as the iPhone 5 . . . by adding some bulk to the iPod Touch, it will fit this new aluminum housing !!!


$249.00 (US)

The iPhone housing at Photojojo is different in design than the one offered by Action Life Media (ALM) in Arizona . . . the primary difference being the Photojojo housing is a 2-piece design, so the iPhone slides into the housing, and is secured by attaching the right end of the shell. The end piece of the housing is locked on by threading a screw into the hole provided on the main section of aluminum body.


A choice of two housings is offered:

    1. Housing with a rotating set of three lenses, and;

    2. Housing & adapter which allows a 35mm DSLR or SLR camera lens to be attached to the housing – Nikon or Canon lenses.

The second offering seems like a bit of overkill, but if you’re wondering what to do with yer old SLR lenses, maybe this is the solution.

Action Life Media also provides a similar SLR lens adapter for their iPhone “video rig” for about the same price.

this is a photo of the ALM iPhone housing with its silicon glove for the iPhone.


What’s happening with the OWLE BUBO ??? Nothing . . . I’m not going to mess with any modification, I’ll just use it with the iPod Touch 4G . . . and buy the SLR adapter from Action Life Media.

I’m thinking about getting the three lens housing from Photojojo, primarily because so many of the camera apps now allow for importing images from the camera library . . .

Pics from Photojojo and Action Life Media, all rights reserved.