OGLE . . .

by bookindian


Got an email from the monkeys at Hipstamatic touting their latest and greatest offering . . . oggl . . . even has a dot over the “o” suggesting some exotic European connection.

It doesn’t matter how you spell it . . . oggl or ogle . . . sounds intrusive . . . like Google’s “glass” . . .

From Middle Dutch *ooghelen, oeghelen (“to ogle”), frequentative form of oogen (“to eye”); or from Middle Low German ogelen (“to look at, ogle”), frequentative of ogen, ougen (“to eye, see”), equivalent to og- +‎ -le.
Compare German äugeln (“to ogle”).
More at eye, -le.


ogle (third-person singular simple present ogles, present participle ogling, simple past and past participle ogled)

(transitive, intransitive) To stare at (someone or something), especially impertinently, amorously, or covetously.

Oh . . . almost forgot what I was doing . . . oggl . .

First . . . you have create an account !!!

And what the fuck is all this “community” bullshit ? It’s starting to sound like a real cluster fuck out there in cyberville, re: Pinterest, Instagram and all the other photo-sharing/social media sites.

Facebookfriends“, “likes” and all the online mutual masturbation doesn’t mean your shit is any good, it just means there are a lot of pointless people with a lot of time to be checking all the social media sites . . . don’t you have jobs ??

Or, if you have jobs why aren’t you doing them?
Too busy fucking your phone . . .

I downloaded the oggl freebie . . . I hit the “join oggl” button . . .

I’d read some of the negative reviews about oggl on the app store and was being very open-minded . . . but when the “enter your email address” button popped-up the bullshit hit the reality fan . . . WTF ?!

I clicked out and started this rant . . .
I’ll delete the app as soon as I finish posting . . .

Then I decided to get the social disease germ off my device NOW and deleted it . . . now I need to delete the email !!

I’m going watch River Monsters . . . again . . . oh, your peers only know as much as you and quite often . . . LESS !! You gotta hang with those who have achieved at a higher level in your chosen field of endeavor if you want to move up the ladder . . .

ode to stupidity

Dr. Rebecca Davis
I want your ass
for my pillow
so I can dream
of the ocean
as you fart
whale sounds
voracious killer squid
I sail
the Land of Nod
Uranus . . .