what I did . . .

by bookindian

I was babysitting my grandson this p.m. and after he went to sleep I was messing with my iPod Touch . . . the Pudding Camera app and good ol Hipstamatic. I had Hipsta set-up with the new São Paulo lens and film pak.

Shot my worn jeans and Converse All Stars with their neon laces . . . used the Panorama camera and iPhone basic “film” for the “jeans” pic, and the Fantasy cam with the Vivid film for the All Stars..



Then I noticed the shadows on the wall . . . sunlight through the window and the Venetian blinds . . . shot the snap below with the Pudding Cam app . . .


Then I switched to the Hipstamatic app for a few more shots.

Here’s one . . .


No darkroom work with any of the images . . . straight, no chaser . . .