what did you do today . . .

by bookindian

I was looking at some old B/W negative material shot back in the late 1970’s in Little Tokyo . . . won’t tell you the particulars but it was at night and I was shooting w/o a flash (blitz) . . . so since I don’t have a darkroom I was busy deciding how to get the negative images onto my iPad 2 . . .

Here’s what I did . . . first I laid the negs on a white sheet of paper and then I photographed the strips with my iPod Touch 5G camera.

EZPZ . . . then I downloaded the pics to my iPad 2.


Next, loaded the images into PhotoForge 2 and changed the negative images into positives, adjusted exposure and contrast . . . and voila !!


Then it was into Moku Hanga HD a faux woodblock app . . . and used the preliminary rendered image without any of the FX options.

Next, adjusted the contrast using PhotoForge 2, and there you have it . . . an alternative use of technology.


If you live in a box, life can be tedious . . .