day of the hump . . .

by bookindian


went out to MNHS . . . MANZ . . . to check out the damage caused by the recent flood . . . not as bad as I expected.

While there I decided to test the PuddingCam app . . . up to this point in time I hadn’t been using the app very much . . . but as I’ve been finding out over the passed few days there are a lot of “film” and camera options . . . I had updated the app without checking the changes.

Here are some images from the Mess Hall (45mm/f3.2) building using the PuddingCam app with the noir “film”, and the Snap and Panorama (37mm/f16.9) camera settings . . . The Panorama cam setting gives a great depth of field . . . you can actually see a lot of definition from 3-4 feet to infinity.



I did a bit of cropping and exposure adjustment with PhotoForge 2, that’s it.