hell no . . .

by bookindian


yeh, I know . . . short leave of absence . . . well I just finished reading the Ryall/Wood collaboration “Zombies Vs. Robots” (ZVR).

” . . . so what?

Well, it’s the first really GOOD comic concept & illustration I’ve seen in some time . . .

Stan Lee and the Marvel fanboys have ruined comics.

No flashy color or slick paper and no females with big tits wearing skintight paint for clothes.

Oh, I should mention I read the “comic ” on my Kindle Fire HD.

Some the fanboys say there is no story and the “art” sucks . . . BUT if you want backstory and tropes and all the other bullshit go watch “Lost” or “Breaking Bad” or buy a Marvel comic.

If I want a four hour movie I’ll watch “The Good, the Bad and the Ugly” . . .
Sergio Leone knew how to stretch a scene . . .

Anyway . . . “ZVR” is sort of like “Lost in Translation” . . . not much happening . . . could say it’s just like the day-to-day sameness without TV . . . or yer smartphone . . . YOU have to fill-in the gaps.

Here’re some pics from the Kindle book . . . shot with the iPod Touch 5G cam, square format option.





All images b’long Ashley Wood, Chris Ryall and IDW Publishing</strong