Moleskine on steroids . . .

by bookindian

Paper by FiftyThree, Inc. . . . an app

Obviously the people who have complaints about this app have never used a Moleskine notebook . . .
The app is free with an in-app option for purchasing additional tools (1.99 each). You get the pen tool and an eraser with a nice color pallet included in the download. If you need more stuff (4 additional tools and a color mixer) you can buy them . . .

No you can’t import images (photos or otherwise), but have you tried to download (import) a photo to a Moleskine??

If you want to add color then you can get the brush tool and add great watercolor tints to your sketches . . . no water or makers involved.

This app is only available for the iPad . . . an iPhone/iPod version would be nice.

However, if you want to jot down notes or do a qwik sketch . . . like a storyboard . . . you probably should sit down . . . don’t want to be walking into open manholes or ditches . . . or a utility pole or off the edge of the sidewalk.

If you have the wifi enabled iPad then you can email yer earth shaking concepts or upload them to twitter and Facebook . . .

I’ll still carry a small Moleskine in my back pocket . . . waiting for the iPhone/iPod version of Paper . . .

Get this app if ya gots an iPad . . . y’all.

p.s. I’m going to get the new iPad Air : )