Moleskine on steroids . . . part 2

by bookindian


je repete . . . Obviously the people who have complaints about this app have never used a Moleskine notebook . . .

I bought ALL the tools and the color mixer . . . came to like $10.00 USD.

If you have your iPad in a folio case with a built-in keypad you might have some difficulty accessing the tool bar once it’s hidden. Your finger MUST slide off the edge of the iPad . . . maybe the addition of a discrete file tab at the bottom margin . . .

For those having a bit of trouble “rewinding” . . . use two fingers to “open” the rewind icon and then use a single finger in a counterclockwise motion to “undo” previous scribbles.

The close-up or magnifying tool is a bit tricky but keep in mind the fact that this app appears to be simple . . . but it will take some time to get all the tools working smoothly . . . remember the first time you worked with Photoshop ??

Oh . . . it might add a bit of clutter, but a text feature would be nice. I have a hard time deciphering my handwriting at times so maybe add Helvetica and American Typewriter fonts . . . keep it simple.