android tracfone . . .

by bookindian

Day 1

I bought an Android powered TracFone . . . the Samsung Galaxy Centura to replace my old Net 10 LG.

u-u-u-uh what the fuck is up ?? I tried for 6 hours to get my airtime card minutes loaded, and after 6 hours and 3 calls to TracFone the phone was still not functioning . . .

you think Apple stuff is geeky . . . go buy something powered by Android . . . the web pages won’t play on my iPad and if you need to find a solution you have to talk to a machine at TracFone with limited solution options.

Think I’ll probably take the fone back . . .

Day 2

Another attempt to get the thing powered up . . . last chance before it gets dumped.

I spent 45 minutes on my landline talking with a TracFone rep . . . she had to restart the Samsung 3x before it finally got itz shit together.

Now I’m learning how to answer an incoming call . . . and I can send a txt message and attach a photo . . . whole-lee shit . . . bought a baby SD card but still have to hook-up to my PC laptop to configure the it so I can use the mini-storage device . . . OMFG !!

Downloaded the ESRI ArcGIS app.

I do like the fone’s navi capabilities . . . feels a bit like my old iPod Touch 3G . . . got a nice “heft” to it.

iPod Touch on the left . . .