photojojo lenses . . .

by bookindian

I bought the wide angle/macro combo lens and the telephoto lens from Photojojo for my iPod Touch and new Samsung Galaxy Centura (3 mpx cam) . . . $46 USD & change.

Some thoughts after messing with the lenses . . .

The metal anchor ring fits on the iPod Touch camera lens just fine . . . but the Samsung camera lens snout is square resulting in noticeable vignetting . . . no big deal, it just means you have to allow for the fuzzy corners, or if you like fuzzy corners then no problem . . . OR you can file a square opening into one of the metal anchor rings before you attach it to the Samsung phone body.

When using the macro lens by itself the entire image is vignette free; and, the macro lens lets you get VERY personal with your subject matter.

It’s going to be very interesting using the lenses with apps like Hipstamatic, Puddingcam and other photo apps that let you use the onboard camera to import images. Some of the “darkroom” apps work fine, i.e. Pixlr Express+ . . . camera apps like 6X6 and Hipstamatic show no vignetting like the default iPod Touch cam . . .

Here’s a photo taken with the iPod Touch and the wide angle/macro combo lens . . . I used the camera feature on the Pixlr-o-matic app to capture the image and then let the random FX generator do it’s magic . . . final settings:

frame = ground
light = shine
film = Hagrid


There was a bit of vignette but the frame covered it nicely . . .

I have to remove the Griffin Survivor case to use the lenses, but I’m going to modify the case’s hard shell to allow me to attach the lenses without first removing it from the case.