Samsung Galaxy Centura camera

by bookindian

Photojojo lenses – part II


Samsung Galaxy Centura

For those of you who bought the Samsung Galaxy Centura offered by Tracfone, you got a real prize if you like doing photography.

The 3 megapixel camera on the Samsung Galaxy Centura has some nice editing options . . . yeh it’s only 3 mpx but if you need more resolution go buy a freaking DSLR and shut up!!

4 those of you who are addicted to uploading fotos to yer fav social disease medium . . . don’t waste $$$ on apps, the Centura camera gives more editing options than you’ll ever need . . .

O.K. . . . go take a foto and get started . . . goto the menu icon and tap . . . when the list pops up poke edit (the menu is the icon down in the lower left corner under SAMSUNG) . . .

You get 2 selections: Photo Studio and Photos.

The Photo Studio option gives you 4 category icons to choose from:

1. FX;
2. a pallet icon;
3. a crop option (with other tools); and,
4. a light/dark tool.

Here’s a detailed description of settings or adjustment options in each category:

White/Black icon – Fill light, Highlight, Shadow, Auto-fix;

FX icon – Cross process, Vignette, Film grain (slider adjustment), Fisheye (slider adjustment);

Pallet icon – Warmth, Saturation, B&W, Sepia, Negative, Tint, Duo- tone, and Doodle (a drawing feature).
Adjustment Icon – Crop, Red eye, Face Glow, Face Tan, Straighten, Rotate, Flip, and Sharpen,

Photos – This category offers 3 sections:

1. Rotate – 90, 180. 270 degrees.
2. Crop – Free, Original, and Square.
3. Filters – Now here’s where you are given 2 to 4 options for each filter.

The following Filters have 4 graded settings each: Warm, Cross Process, B&W, Cool, Contrast, Retrolux 1, Retrolux 2.

Drama 1 and Drama 2 Filters have only 2 setting each.

4. Frames – Worn, Instant, Filed, Modern, View, Dark, Scratchy, and Film each have 4 different settings each. Round, Clean, and Easel have only 1 option.

For those of you who grew up in the digital camera age, a “filed” frame is the result of filing the opening in a negative film carrier to make it larger than the film image . . . the result was the enlarger exposed a rough black border around the full-frame image . . . everyone who viewed the print knew that no cropping was done to the original film image.

The following images were taken using the Photojojo wide angle/macro lens mounted on the Galaxy Centura cam . . . shot the pics in the backyard and on the dining room table, edited while hiding in the bathroom.