iron man mk1

by bookindian


I’m a huge fan of the first Iron Man movie, so you can understand my buying this action figure . . . $52.00 USD + tax and shipping . . . Amazon of course.

The Iron Man Mark 1 action figure by Revoltech was delivered to my P.O. Box on Tuesday but because the stupid P.O. closed at 12 noon I had to wait until Trashday (Thursday) before I could pick it up . . .

Anyway it’s fucking AWESOME !!
I’ve bought other Revoltech figures before, but the detailing on the Mark1 figure is unreal.

Thought I’d post a few pics . . . shot with the iPod Touch and the Photojojo wide angle/macro lens combo. Some images are with the default cam and some were taken with the Hipstamatic app (Hongdae Hipsta Pak).

. . . oh yeh, I had to add Iron Monger from the first movie, and the third version of Iron Man . . . the Hasbro company in China manufactured Iron Monger and the other Iron Man

Two images taken taken with the Hipstamatic app and the Hongdae Hipsta Pak:



The following images were shot with the default iPod Touch cam and the Photojojo combo wide angle/macro lens: