the weather channel . . .

by bookindian


S-o-o the Weather Channel is being dropped by some satellite dish network . . . so what ?? Who really cares ??
I know that ND and SD have blizzards . . . every year . . . I know that the eastern U.S. gets rain and snow and icy roads . . . every year.

And now all the the storms have names . . . ?? WTF ?! Do I need some meteorologist constantly reminding me ??

If the weather personalities would get their asses out from in front of the weather maps WE could figure out what the weather is doing . . . on the WEST coast !! so I watch the regional news or dial-up weather information on on my Galaxy . . .

Maybe cable should drop the Weather Channel too . . . they’re as redundant as Todd Hoffman taking his hat off and rubbing his stubbly head . . .

girly pic snagged from the Internet all rights reserved! etc. etc. etc.