zine . . .

by bookindian

O.K. All 8 pages of my first “zine” is up on . . . version one of “OVP in the 21st Century (coyote dint shot no bufflo)” . . .

What’s it about?

It’s a rant about political correctness and how academics and “hippies” have fucked up indigenous tribal cultures, creating the “Native American” ethic, I.e. pow wows and spirituality and “sweats” and vision quests . . . whew! Can’t forget the “trickster” mentality . . .

Oh, and before I forget, I’m an Owens Valley Paiute, and like all REAL North American indigenous tribal people I have a tribal enrollment number (is this Nazi Germany?) and I have an I.D. Card with my enrollment number and my photo on it . . . my tribal group is a Federally Recognized Tribe. Check out CFR Title 25 Indians, please note that there is no listing for Native Americans in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Back to the zine . . .

My plan is to self-publish the zine . . . 8 pages of content plus the cover. Preliminary target will be regional museums, visitors centers and book sellers.

The first issue is a work-in-progress so there will several “A/P’s” or “artists proofs” of the issue, much like lithographic editions.

The original pages have been scanned and processed using apps on my iPad, specifically Notability, Pixlr-o-matic and PhotoForge 2.