MH370 . . . A comment

by bookindian

It bothers me that although the Chinese ship Haixun 01 was the first to “hear” the “pings” from what is probably Malaysian Airlines flight MH370, one has to search for mention of the role the Chinese ship played in the discovery of the first two electronic signal emanating from what could be the black boxes of the missing 777-200 – it’s been Australia this and the U.S. that . . . what about the Haixun 01?

At I pulled up the following:

British ship HMS Echo, China’s Haixun 01 and the Australian air force are all also using underwater acoustic equipment to try and find the signals.

MH370 ‘found’: Chinese ship detects SECOND signal from deep in the Indian Ocean

“A SECOND pulse signal has been picked up by a Chinese ship searching for missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 – just 1.2 miles from where the first was detected.

“Australian co-ordinators in the search for a missing Malaysian plane say Chinese ship Haixun 01 has detected a pulse signal for a second time, within hours of it being heard earlier on Saturday.”

“The signal was transmitting on a frequency of 37.5kHz per second, matching that emitted by the flight recorder on the Malaysia Airlines plane. After monitoring the signal for 15 minutes members of the crew alerted authorities in Perth.

The Chinese ship has used what is effectively an underwater microphone dangled down to a depth that has picked up a signal indicating the device is there.

S-o-o-o if the Chinese ship hadn’t been “dangling” their underwater microphones, no one would know where to look for MH370 . . . right?

But the Haixun 01 doesn’t get the air play that the Aussies and the U.S. get . . . WTF?!

A yer-o-pee-an likened the Chinese underwater microphone to a “tin can attached by wires to a briefcase” . . . u-u-uh, but the tin can thing worked n’est pas ? . . . got the fucking job done, right?

Thank you China . . .