The NEW 8 page bible – the zine . . .

by bookindian

This started in the 1980’s . . . the era of Postal madness, adrift in the clamor of moving letters, parcels and machinery, moving whatever people wanted to send to relatives, businesses and the like, this included cremated remains of relatives in cardboard boxes that on more than one occasion were crushed and broken in transit, spilling their contents inside the canvas mail sacks . . .

oh shit, looks like all the “dirt” on the culling belt is somebody . . .!!

And the conveyor belt was stopped while we tried to recover as much of the gray sand as we could, and then looked for the sack that held the rest of the poor soul who had just been scattered unintentionally over the length of the belt.

Here’re some pics of the revival of my first zine . . . the photos are of the dummy.

Zine closed . . .


Cover, front and back, open . . .





The flagged text above was layered with previously printed text.


The text below was printed over the text pictured above and overlaps some of the text printed on the first pass through the copier.



Pics taken with my iPod Touch 5G, square format, HD mode.