Washing machine . . .

by bookindian

One or two weeks ago I washed my iPod Touch 5G . . . yeh, left in a pocket on my carpenter’s pants . . . managed to retrieve it before it got toasted in the dryer. So . . . I sort of gave it up as a lost cause and left it on the dining table.

After a few days I tried the power button to see if there was any sign of life . . . no . . . then I decided to put it into a ziploc baggie full of lentils & rice . . . My daughter suggested I do this to wick out any residual moisture. After a few days I tried the power button again . . . still nothing.

I connected the USB cable to the power adapter and the battery icon lit up with a red hairline and the was the lightning bolt was on indicating that the battery was charging.

To make a long story short, everything seemed to be working . . . and then yesterday the camera freaked !! First the display was dropping lines and turning blue and green and red . . . and then it turned red and stayed red . . . kaput or so I thought, put the iPod back into the baggie overnight and the camera came to life with a somewhat limited capacity.

If you are out there on the edge, here are some pics using the “challenged” camera:







Use some of the “darkroom” apps available . . . get edge-y . . .