Grandparent scam

by bookindian

Grandparent scam

I’m posting this because too often people don’t want to talk about shit like this.

Friday, July 24, my 90 year old mother was scammed . . . 

A caller claiming to be her grandson called and said he had been in an accident involving a member of the Mexican consulate . . . The man had suffered a stroke as a result of the accident and he (the grandson) needed $900 USD to get out of jail. Then an  “attorney” representing the “grandson” called again on Saturday stating that an additional $980 USD was need to cover other legal fees.  

My mother stated that she had said her “grandson’s” voice didn’t sound right and the reply was, “I have stitches in my lower lip.”

So I looked up Mexican consulate scams in Southern California . . . and there was an article about the Mexican consulates handing out matricula consular cards to illegal immigrants . . . so was the person who was in the accident flashing a consular card . . . ??

I’ve watched Man on Fire numerous times so I began to think something was rotten . . . and when I scrolled down and found an article about the Grandparent Scam . . . u-u-uh . . . OMFG !!


 Now it all made sense . . . some fucks in Montreal not Mexico had suckered my mom . . .

Long story short, she had wired money to cover the “bail bond,” and additional funds for other “legal fees” for a total of $2000 USD.  Her grandson was not in Mexico, and she will never get her money back.

I’m pissed . . . not only at the scammers, but at my mother for not letting me know what was going on . . . and at Western Union for complicity . . . 

Here’s a link to an article that everyone with grandparents and elderly relatives should read:

Oh yeh, and some area codes the scammers use to get their money:

Area codes: 

1+868 Trinidad

514 Montreal 

India 011+91+
Mexico 011+52+

I’m 70 years old and skeptical as hell . . . 4 example, if yer name don’t show on my fone (caller I.D. Folks) . . . then, like speaker of the house John Boner told Harry Reid, “Go fuck yourself.”