on the wagon . . . 

by bookindian

You’ve heard the old saying, “I fell off the wagon.” Yeh, well there’s always something that makes you climb back on . . . Like falling off a horse or crashing yer bike . . . you just get back on. 

 Here’s the reason I got back on the camera: 

Yeh, an old Linhof Combi-U tripod with a Leitz ball head.

I haven’t used it with my Nikon Coolpix or my iPod cameras yet, but it made me realize I’d just been sitting on my ass for the past few months . . . moping.

 So I ordered a Nuku Shutter Remote, a Universal Glif, and a Smartphone Spy Lens, all from Photojojo.  

The “spy” lens so I can get those weird high/low angle shots without having to do some yoga stretches so I don’t pull a muscle . . . really . . . after turning 60, I got “real” and confessed that I was no longer 14 years old and needed to reassess the limits of my flexibility/mobility . . . like, “Yer not a kid anymore!!

. . . the old guy in the mirror really was me and not Ezra Pound.

So begins a new chapter . . .