Burnt weeny . . .

by bookindian

W-e-l-l . . . the burners are heading back to L.A. in their dust coated vehicles bicycles racked on the hatchback traveling south through town on Highway 395 . . . 

The burnerpocalypse seems to have mutated, moved up to the small newer model SUV’s and U-Haul rentals, vehicles & utility trailers. . . a sign of affluence . . . The new hippy . . . or is it HIPPIE . . . burner . . . yeh.

Burning Man/Black Rock City is the new hippie “commune” . . . short term commitment . . . drugs . . . light shows “art” installations . . . naked women . . . dust and dirt . . . no need to wash if yer not so inclined. 

I wonder what would have happened if the SF bay happening had stayed down in the tidal flats?  

Mud Man . . .

After reading some Facebook burner drivel, it seems that some of the people had to cut short their trip to Bolivia and various parts of the world to make the 2015 Black Rock City event.  

Must nice to be able to dick around doing hippie vagabond shit . . . Yeh, I know some the burners have “jobs” . . . doing what? 

I did the drugs rock and roll scene back in the 1970’s while working at the old P.O. didn’t need to go to Nevada to get naked and do drugs just went to Hollywood . . . and just not once a year but every weekend if you felt the need.  It’s a rock concert . . . burners go just so they can say they went.

Anyway we got wind blown dust here in O.V. and if you gotta get naked you can go up the road (Highway 395) to Keoughs and sit in the hot ditch with the little fishes and the green moss bacteria, etc., and the other like minded drifters . . .

Just an old man wondering why the need to drive 500 miles to get drunk do drugs and get the Black Rock playa lung disease (!) . . . you watched Zoolander . . . of course . . . right?