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OS9 update . . . 

h’ray . . . Updating iPod Touch #2 (broke camera) . . . only iPad 2 left.  iPad mini & iPod Touch #1 updated . . . listening to Cibo Matto while I wait  . . . 


iOS update . . .

My iPod Touch 4G just got the iOS 6.1.5 update . . . thank you Apple.

no apple tablet . . .


. . . since I received an email from Apple touting the new iPod Touch 5G, I don’t think we’ll be seeing a tablet from apple . . . I mean the new iPod Touch has a 5 megapixel cam, it’s slimmer, comes in colors AND even has Siri . . . BIG 4 inch retina display . . . got the NEWEar Pods “. . . who needs another “kindle” ??

p.s. I forgot to mention the FLASH !!

Why nobody likes an apple . . .


Just read a portion of “Apple’s aesthetic dichotomy” by James Higgs . . . OMG!! Such big words . . . but everyone is free to have their own opinions . . .

Wassa mattah James, you afraid you might get thrown outta paradise if youse nip on the apple? As most users of the iPad, iPhone and all the other models in the apple cart understand, the only “bad” apple was in the bible . . . you don’t have to use Apple apps, there are thousands by other developers to choose from . . .

. . . what’s so bad about analog stuff anyway . . .


Photo #1 snagged from the internet & modified by the author, smiley ball shot with my iPod Touch cam, all rights reserved, 2011.

A Little Tribute . . .

Yeh, the world lost one of its best, but like Jobs was known to have approached the future, ” . . . let it go . . .”


. . . thanks to Apple for all the innovative thought – I used to be a PC, but in the last year, and the past month, I have become, as one person said, ” . . . A member of the iFamily.”

I have an iPod Touch that was my introduction to the wonders of technology, stuff that Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers were privy to in the early 20th Century; after much bitching and moaning, Apple got the camera stuffed into the iPod Touch 4G, and I snagged one, simply because the camera feature was what was missing on my original iPod Touch. Now, I have an iPad2 and plan to get a MacBook Air shortly . . . As my daughter said when I told her that I was adding a MacBook Air to my “crew“, she said, “It won’t be a crew dad, that’ll be a fucking POSSE!!” Well, I’m going in as a 50% investor in a new iPad2 for her, because she needs one! Her refurbished MacBook Pro is just a bit behind the times, so she’s going to “. . . let it go.”

Thanks Steve, and all the family at Apple . . .

Photo taken with my iPod Touch 4G and processed with the Plastic Bullet app.

Mac G4

Well, it looks as though my Mac G4 is dying . . . I have a PC but the Ethernet card took a dive about 6 months ago . . . thanks to the gods for my iPod Touch!! and wifi . . .

“For What It’s Worth . . .”

Oh Lord wont you buy me the new iPod touch,
My friends all have iPhones
I don’t ask for much . .

Sing to the tune of “Oh Lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz” (Janis Joplin)


I don’t know how many people have an iPod Touch, but if you don’t have an iPhone 3 or 4 you should invest in the NEW iPod touch – it has Facetime, so naturally it has a camera (2 actually). . . it does video and many other things. I don’t have one YET, but I fully intend to get one.


I just finished updating my iPod Touch and added some new music . . . one of my fav apps is Layers, a drawing app that is limitless in terms of what you can do with it – like make a quick sketch of an idea, and . . . remember, it’s only as good as you are, so . . . practice, practice, practice.


The only thing I don’t like about updating is that the whole process takes approximately 70 minutes to get all the new shit downloaded, then it has to install, verify, check with apple, check files, check with apple, and . . . and . . . uh . . . it eventually takes about 2 hours for everything to get done.


WTF, it’s worth it . . . but if you’re like me, that is 2 verry L-O-N-G freaking hours!! When I “updated” the last time it was so complete that my videos and music got lost because I thought it was just a simple update – the “update” was in reality an OS upgrade!! Anyway . . . so I’m doing as KL does . . . LIVE IN THE NOW . . .


My new playlist includes . . . Photek, Juno Reactor, Traci Lords, Mick Jagger, Johnny Winter and Jefferson Airplane (White Rabbit – for the old schooler in me or you).


Stole the title for this post from the Buffalo Springfield . . . uh hunh.


apple store



My daughter’s Mac Book Pro is suffering from old age and overuse; needed a check-up.


why are these people looking out the window?

I was busy catching some video footage with the Flip Mino HD and could see this “crowd” gathered in the window looking at something . . .


. . . was there no one in the store?


. . . now I'm looking for the Koolaid stand . .

. . . . now I realize that these “people” are “cut-outs” apple is using paper dolls to sell their stuff . . .


They don't have any brochures in the store . . .

Looks like this is going to be an encounter of the squeeky clean kind . . . then I saw the movement in the window on the other side of the open door . . .


. . . all the app things were trying to escape . . .

well, as my daughter says: “pic spam“, no more words . . .


apps . . .




. . . tennis anyone?


IPhone and iPod Touch , , ,


. . . what?! no Nigella??



W an TED !!

Well the apple coreman said it was just minor power cord problem and could be fixed for about $175.00 – parts and labor.


. . . keeps offering his paper goods . . .

I might buy one of the 13″ Mac books in 2 or 3 months . . . maybe – I’m still banging heads with this apple “loaner” . . .

Here’s an update on my “might buy” one of the 13″ Mac books – seems that Apple has “touched” my spend money button with the pending release of the “iP – d“, I cannot use the name that Apple gave to the Big Brother of the iPod Touch.

In spite of all the negative crap being posted by the iPhone fanboys, I’m going to buy the Beasty Brother of the iTouch – going for the wifi version, I can’t envision anyone wanting the 3G version, not only because of the size, but because for the price of the 3G iBeasty, you can throw down 3 additional “C” notes and buy the 13″ Mac book or get a new iPhone or something.

The Mac OS is just too redundant for me – constantly reminding me that I can’t leave the dock without “permission” and trivial stuff like that. Oh yeh, and not letting me view photos that I have moved from my camera directly into a new folder, wants me to “import” the photos first, another “you gotta do it my way” pain in the butt. Sooo . . . I have a line item in my budget for the new iBeasty and when it hits the market, I will get one!!