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Fang of the Sun . . .

I ran across these photos of my old Fang of the Sun mecha . . . I built this one back in the 1980’s . . . bought 5 kits in Little Tokyo . . . 3 Bushman, a Roundfacer, and the Mackerel . . . All examples of combat armor before the overly detailed “gundam” became popular . . . I wasn’t a fan or devout model builder, I just liked the figures and the fact that they were well articulated for the time period . . . especially here in the U.S.

Old #5 . . . minus the top of the cockpit.


. . . a rear view of the combat armor.


Detail of the left arm and shoulder . . . I added the “hydraulic” lines . . . electrical wire from a dead laptop.


. . . and some extra details like patch plates on the leg and upper body.


. . . “battle damage” was added using a Dremel with a 1/8 inch drill bit.

Candid snap in the coleus . . .


. . . faux Polaroid . . .


I wish the Poladroid app worked on the iPad . . . hint . . . hint . . .


Fang of the Sun

Some pics of mods on my relic “Bushman” mecha from “Fang of the Sun/Robotech” era . . .

Took me 20 years to finally “finish” the beast.

An old cell phone provided the antenna and “shield” . . .

Added “battle damage” with my trusty Dremel . . .

“Hydraulic” lines are electrical wires from a dead CPU

Many coats of enamel and spray paint . . .

Photos taken with the default iPod Touch camera.

Konbattoama – Fang of the Sun

Did a major “kit bash” on the “Bushman“, an old Fang of the Sun mecha. I’m going to fabricate a canopy for the cockpit at a later date.


Fang of the Sun konbattoama Bushman

Some mecha maniakku will be upset that I chose to bash-up this kit build relic, but everyone who joins up with the bookindian studios must earn their keep!!


Bushman backside . . .

I was browsing a site featuring Ma.K. Machinen Krieger kits and kit bash-ups, and decided to mod the Bushman.


Close-up of the mods done on the arms

. . . used some wire with attached connectors liberated from an old CPU that needed to be reused – used the Dremel and a 1/16 drill bit to drill the necessary holes.


Got some heavier gauge wires for this end of the mecha – the defunct CPU is going to provide some great background “set” elements for a diorama I plan to build.


Urban camouflage . . . coleus

These photos were suggested by my oldest daughter . . .


More camo . . .

Most all of the action figures, kit-builds, etc., can expect to bashed, with some rare exceptions.

Konbattoama = combat armor