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U-u-uh . . . no mind

What started out simply enough ended up being a simple fuck-up . . . my new fone (net10) was a monthly plan thing didn’t read the stuff on the box . . . $50 USD + $99USD (fone) . . .

As I worked my way through the day I did find something interesting and after dumping it in the POP cam solution in PhotoForge 2 out came this image:


Name the Fauve . . .

The PhotoForge 2 and Pixlr-o-matic apps are like what the old Polaroid cameras used to be like . . . color wasn’t always “right” image washed-out or there was a chemical smear . . . but that was the beauty of early photo equipment you had to learn the limitations and then make the new parameters work for you.

You have to make the camera do what YOU want it to do . . .


RE: toe-mah-toes . . .

O.K. here’s the original image . . .


The problem was that the iPod Touch cam selected the “background” as the point of focus, and the tomatoes that I wanted to be in focus ended up blurred . . . out-of-focus. So, I decided to use the Pixlr-o-matic app and get rid of the sharp background . . . I chose a scratchy option to degrade the background . . . like “even out” the blurred foreground and then added a funky “frame” . . . I got an image that was O.K. . . . yeh it was good enough for Instagram or Pinterest but but what a waste . . .


So methinks, too make this “pop” I gotta do something . . . and I dumped the original image into PhotoForge 2 made the color image a black and white continuous tone positive . . . ramped the contrast and then used the ToonCamera app to get a high contrast line image . . . et voila !! High contrast line image without a process camera . . .


Combined the high contrast image with the scratchy color image using the Doublexposure Pro app and got the following result . . . a muddy low contrast photo . . .


I stuck the above pic in PhotoForge 2 ramped the contrast did a bit of exposure and saturation manipulation and the result was the image posted earlier . . .


All the above was previsualized or “prevised” as Ansel Adams used to say.

For me, when I saw the out-of-focus tomatoes, I knew what I needed to do . . . it’s like dodging and burning a negative to expose and create an exhibition quality print . . .,knowing what enlarging paper and paper contrast to use for the final image. It’s an intuitive no-thought process resulting from 20 years in a real darkroom

Agfa Brovira, Kodak Polycontrast . . . and that’s just the beginning.

camera awes some . . .

w-e-l-l . . . I read about Camera Awesome on Freshly Pressed and decided to have a go . . .

FIRST . . . I don’t need baked camel toes, moose farts or fucking puppy breath, etc. etc. etc. popping up under the progress bar . . . !!

I do most of my “darkroom” work on my iPad . . . and I don’t push my photos through the “cloud“, so I still have to pass my finished “awesomized” images to the iPad (USB) . . . no big deal . . . I would like to see an iPad version of the app available so my digicam stuff could be processed as well . . .


here’s the best part . . . I loaded the CA app on my iPad 2 . . . and so far the app seems compatible . . .

NOW the app is truly AWESOME !!

yeh, been playing with the freebie version AND . . . the default iPhone/iPod Touch camera(s) are like the old box cameras compared to the free version of “camera awesome.”


. . . ran the original photo through the primary mix on the iPhone version of Camera Awesome on my iPod Touch 4G . . . exported the pic to my iPad 2 for more mixing, and finished with a soak in PhotoForge 2 . . .


HIP-S-T-A MAGICally speaking , , ,


. . . Added the “Dali Museum GoodPak” to the Hipstamatic and here are some “kitchen” photos as seen through the Salvador 84 lens with the Dream Canvas “film” . . . lens was set at the “High Quality” mark . . .

“Still Life with Oranges and . . . ”




. . . uh, oh yeh . . . “Spice containers seen from above”


. . . “Bread Rolls in Plastic”


“Cooking Utensils”


. . . if you never had the opportunity to actually “process” black and white or color film, then you probably don’t really appreciate the Hipstamatic app . . . i mean, things like “light leaks” and faux double exposures (Dali Museum GoodPak), those were results that happened by “accident”, and, to be able to reproduce the “accidents” without going through ass-breaking time in the darkroom, is just fucking MAGIC . . .!!!