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kindle cam . . .

I bought the 7″ Kindle Fire HD because it was marked down $40 USD and because of the high definition display . . . I was going to buy an iPad mini but I opted to save $251 USD and get the Kindle Fire . . .

I also wanted an alternative camera . . . the only problem with the Kindle cam is that it’s front facing meaning its great for Skype but you have to find a way to take pics other than yer face without being able to see the display . . . maybe if you get a rearview bicycle mirror that clips on yer glasses and clip it on the Kindle . . .




Right now I’m waiting on a case for the new toy . . .

Another thing . . . the on/off button is hard to feel/find . . . it sits flush with the surface of the Kindle body . . . AND the Kindle is packing some heft for its size . . . it feels just a bit lighter than my iPad 2 . . .

Now I’m waiting to see what improvements come down the pipe for the next generation iPad . . .


a penny 4 yer thoughts . . .


I came across this coin in my pocket the other day . . . at first I thought it was medallion of some sort and then I turned over . . . it’s a penny with a little figure painted over the bust of Lincoln . . . WTF ?!

Too much time with nothing better to do or . . . too much time . . . yeh, you get it . . . ever see one of these OR do you know who the little character is ?

Shot the pic with the Nikon COOLPIX . . . macro setting . . . slight underexposure for better color saturation and no flash

Alone in Lithuania (part I)


. . . the only hook-up with Lithuania is graffiti I saw in Wyoming . . . the word “Lithuania” had been scratched on a rock art panel . . . that’s it . . . but now that I think about it, I read a post with that same title a month or two ago . . . probably should have titled this post “alone in the gym” . . .

It’s definitely fall here in the mountains . . .

I’ve been working-out at the local fitness center for 9 weeks now, and a new person is slowly emerging from 68 years of accumulated detritus . . . I’m regaining lost musculature as well as some much needed mental discipline . . .

. . . as a bodybuilder was to have said . . . or something like . . . “you have the tools, use them . . . so I’m shaking off the dust, grinding away at the rust . . .

Does this relate to anything ??

Yeh . . . I’ll set off in pursuit of a personal trainer certificate in another 30 days . . . setting-up my screen printing equipment, and doing a bit more “serious” digital photography.

Everything is about “form” . . .

SLOW DOWN . . . pay attention to the mechanics . . . and the old monk scratched the following in the dirt . . . ATTENTION . . . then disappeared into the forest.


Pics taken with my Nikon Coolpix set at 8 megapixels, and run through the PhotoForge 2 washer . . . several times.

Camera apps . . . again

Camera apps – iPod Touch



. . . been playing with my camera apps . . . and, although I’ve downloaded several new apps, here’s a but of an evaluation of a few:

. . . three pics of my lunch two days ago with the default camera (Astorga’s Mexican Grill, Bishop CA).




PhotoStudio – First, you can save an image to a document folder! This is an option not offered by any of the other apps that are installed on the iPod Touch . . 181 options . . . uh . . . Why? For $2.99 I would expect a bit more sophistication . . . a LOT of FaceBook/MySpace drama . . . only three or four settings of any significance . . . even Photo Shop Express is better, PSE costs more (Adobe), but . . . I don’t need to see Oprah . . .

Lo-Mob updated yesterday, with four new options: Print Toning OMG!! Awesome!! (Lo-Mob images later)

The Instant Matic category has some changes, mostly hue and saturation, but good stuff.

Emulsions: the News Desaturated is like the 60’s Square, with the difference being format, ND is rectangular.

6×6 TTV Green Koretico is so cool, the green hue is just enough to give the image a “cross-processed” feel; and, the previously mentioned Print Toning.

CameraBag: The “infrared” option here is definitely a heat sensor image mixed with b&w positive print information – interesting.

Most of the “cross-process” settings or apps don’t look “cross-processed” . . . watch “Man on Fire” to see cross-processed imagery and color (you really need to watch the film). Cross-processed film is color negative film developed using color transparency chemicals, or color transparency film processed with color negative chemicals. The color balance of the imagery was affected by use of the “wrong” chemicals and altered developing times.


The “Bettie XL” lens coupled with the Kodot XGrizzled “film” settings on the Hipstamatic app, produces an image very similar to a true “cross-processed” film frame.


I’ve used a Bible Black character as a model for my “cross-processed” images . . . Rika Shiraki (白木 里香, Shiraki Rika?) The head of the student council. Wealthy and untouchable, she’s very popular among the boys.



Image degradation with this Hipstamatic app lens/film combination is random, and results are affected by Kelvin temperature of the ambient light.


Happy NEW Year . . .


Sent from my iPod Touch, photos added.