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Crunchy numbers . . .

Saw an old associate yesterday, and our short, in-the-middle-of-the-mall-driveway chat, prompted some thought about what I did during and before twenty-tem . . . Thanks Larry . . . was good seeing you.


Being the second day of 2011, it seems like a good time to update the status of Old School – NEW World . . . maybe the title should be Old School IN a NEW World, meaning, that the 21st Century has finally caught up with me . . . a 25th Century Buck Rogers, technology loving, I-no- resabation-Buchinder . . .


And today, the day after yesterday, I’m cleaning out the 2010 closet . . . getting rid of the stuff that I thought was indispensable – the excess baggage, the straws that would slow the new year down . . . the year of the rabbit/hare . . . I prefer the hare mostly cos they be crazy BIG-ass take-the-red pill, DOWN the rabbit HOLE motherfuckers in the springtime . . . you know, like the March Hare, been hanging with the Hatter, having “tea” and stuffing the Dormouse in the teapot . . . yeh . . .


It seems that there are two or three cycles in my year . . . June through August, September, October and November, then December through May . . . that’s 3 . . . uh . . . O.K.


Crunchy numbers

I got this e-mail from WordPress about my blog . . . I could post the wHOLE text but instead, here’s a taste:

A Boeing 747-400 passenger jet can hold 416 passengers.
This blog (Old School – NEW World) was viewed about 5,500 times in 2010. That’s about 13 full 747s.

In 2010, I wrote 150 new posts, growing the total archive of thie blog to 184 posts.
The busiest day of the year was October 30th with 51 views.
The most popular post that day was Gallery . . . (Did I post nekkie content?) . . .

Where did they come from? Some visitors came searching, mostly for neytiri, higozuiki, kinoe no komatsu, avatar bow and arrow, and shunga.

kinoe no komatsu . . .


Attractions in 2010
These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


1 Gallery . . .

2 KIA Sorento, Oh Yeh . . . (nsfw)

3 La Petenera or poontang . . . (update)


E. Belocq

4 Kia Sorento Mash-Up

5 Shunga (NSFW) and the higozuiki (NSFW)



Shunga (NSFW) and the higozuiki (NSFW)

Seems like there has been an above average interest in the higozuiki – you know, the thing in the woodblock print image . . . actually a higozuiki is not wrapped around the male “chimpo“, but is like a vegan dildo made out of the stems of the giant elephant ear zuiki or potato taro plant . . .

. . . thought I would share some related woodblock prints from the same era as the print in the KIA CM post (nsfw) . . .

chimpo” = a conversationally appropriate slang for man’s penis in the Japanese language . . . sounds better than “peen” . . . learned this “handy” word while working at Manzanar National Historic Site (there was some kanji scratched in the concrete foundations) and one of the former internees pointed out the word . . . think I have a foto of the scrawl somewhere . . .


Some related information:

. . . One interesting use of the stems of the taro plant in Japan (Edo Period) was as a sex tool . . . not sure about its use today . . . to use it in this manner involved winding a cord made of it around the shaft of your hard “chimpo” to provide greater stimulation of your female partner. Or, if you don’t have a “partner, you can use your hand as “onna cup” and . . . well, you can work that out for yourself . . .


The man is helping the woman to ease tension in her spinal area . . . unclothed contact of genital areas ensures feeling of trust between female participant and male care-giver . . .

Oh yeh, the “zuiki” needs to be soaked in water BEFORE wrapping it around your “chimpo” – when wet the fibers become very slippery (use WARM water). . . OMG . . . giant elephant ear has now become elephant chimpo TRUNK . . . very IMPRESSIVE . . . TRANSFORM!!


The paper that the woman is holding is not for taking notes . . . or sketching.


This woman is threatening DEATH if he comes first . . .


Title of this print is “Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife” . . . but I think is just a myth . . . octopi has a BEAK and I’m not sure that a woman wants that kind of attention in her Venusian Delta, although not being an octopus, I don’t know the octopus way of love, so . . . just speculation.

Here is more NSFW, and just woodblock prints and drawings . . .

KIA Sorento, Oh Yeh . . . (nsfw)


How you like me NOW . . . klang, klang . . . klang, klang . . . how you like me now . . .


If I had a suit like this . . .

Initially I was highly amused by the big red sex toy in the KIA commercial, but now it’s like WTF, the CM is playing quite frequently on the movie channels and during prime time. AND I am sure most people have by now accepted the simple reality of the situation . . . there is a BIG RED knobby sex toy, a DILDO on TV, riding in a KIA Sorento, sticking out of the sunroof, waving its nubby red arms . . . WOH !!
Great bowling alley sequence too – RED’s bowling ball explodes when it hits that lonely pin at the end of the alley.
You should GoogleDavid and Goliath“, the R and D group that developed the CM for KIA.

So this “character” is on a kids TV show?? Yep, checked it out – it’s a BIG RED mutha, 12 or 15 times larger than life on Yo Gabba Gabba (YGG) – a BAFTA Children’s Awards Winner, 2008.

YGG is sort of like Teletubbies ©, with the bright colored androgynous costumes (Teletubbies is a BBC BAFTA-winning children’s television series)

BAFTA is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts.


I watched the “kid” shows on TV for the women i.e. the girl on the “Big Comfy Couch“, yeh, and Sesame Street with MARIA, Oooo . . . and let’s not forget “Mr. Rogers Neighborhood” and the girl (Lady Aberlin) who hung out with the puppets, WOH!!

A reality check: here’s another look at RED’s cousin.


. . . Doesn’t have any arms or legs, and “Big Pink” exhibits some evidence of having been abused . . . or maybe that’s just a weird grin. The “shopped” image also has the bright blue tips on the ends of the nubs, so it’s sort of like the poisonous blue-ringed octopus, you know . . . like “beware, I’m deadly” . . . A red, one-eyed cyclops, uh hunh, uh hunh. Slang for the male appendage used to be “one-eyed snake”.

Well, I don’t want to offend the people who “created” the iconic red figure, so I’ll just refer to him as “Asa zuiki” (red taro stems) “or just “RED”.

Some related information:

In Japan, the dried stems of the satoimo (taro) plant are called zuiki . . . One interesting use of the stems was as a sex tool, to use it in this manner involved winding a cord made of it around the shaft and head of the erect penis to provide greater stimulation of the woman. Hokusai in his shunga print book “Kinoe no Komatsu” (Young Pine Saplings) includes an image of a couple with the man wearing a higozuiki.



(Dried giant elephant ear stem from Higo province (eaten or used as a sex aid) – potato lotus – giant elephant ear (species of taro, Colocasia gigantea).
Oh yeh, the “zuiki” needs to be soaked in water BEFORE wrapping it around your “futunaga” – when wet the fibers become very slippery . . . OMG.

Here are two comments from the S. F. Gate

First this, posted by rubytuesday | November 07 2007:

I myself have a two yr old nephew that recently introduced me to the show last week. From the moment i saw the phallic orange studded dildo, cute little pink butt plug, and flamboyant host prancing around i fell over laughing!!!!

I’m not sure about the butt plug, but maybe “ruby” knows whereof she speaks . . .

And, this posted by: Hellokitty23 | October 11 2007:

We have wondered about Muno from the beginning, but like you have not really wanted it pointed out for fear that our new favorite kid show would somehow fall under attack. This fear was, uh, compounded by the fact that we are lesbian moms and, uh, well; don’t want our kid finding Muno in the drawer.
had a valid concern, don’t you think?

Read the whole post here. What’s interesting is that these comments were posted in 2007. Where have I been for three years?

‘Nuff said, personally I have nothing against YGG or big Red, I just find it extremely curious that there aren’t more “adult” companions on commercials (talking ‘bout the inflatable type “Dutchwifu). The flap is not about ‘phallic” toys or penises, it’s about that big RED DILDO with arms and legs – Adult Swim made it to prime time TV and is the star on a KIDS show . . . OMFG.

A GF I had many years ago would have gone out and found one of the big RED toys, bought it, then would have brought it to my place for a threesome.


With the exception of the “Muno” image, all other images are the property of Richard Stewart, (c) 2010, All Rights Reserved.