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Thinking of you . . . 



Hipstamatic 300 . . .

Some pics with the NEW Hipstamatic app Pro option . . . shot these with the iPad mini.

 My grandson’s toy menagerie . . ..


And some fruit . . .

The “Wolf Pack” at Hipstamatic broke out of the “San Francisco Bubble” and the “Haus of Hipstamatic” . . . FINALLY . . . frat boys never really grow up.


smoke haze . . . 

This is what it looks like outside . . . again. 

. . . definitely not purple . . . or Dolores.

Tin type . . .

Photo shot with the new app from Hipstamatic . . . “TinType” and the Photojojo wide angle/macro combo lens featuring a guest from Photojojo.


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y the Hipsta people lets you access the camera roll !! OMFG !!

Vincent . . .

Bought the new Jordaan HipstapakRijks film and Vincent lens . . .

Here’s my Vermeer fruits pic . . .


Shot in very low light, adjusted exposure and contrast with PhotoForge 2 . . .

iron man mk1


I’m a huge fan of the first Iron Man movie, so you can understand my buying this action figure . . . $52.00 USD + tax and shipping . . . Amazon of course.

The Iron Man Mark 1 action figure by Revoltech was delivered to my P.O. Box on Tuesday but because the stupid P.O. closed at 12 noon I had to wait until Trashday (Thursday) before I could pick it up . . .

Anyway it’s fucking AWESOME !!
I’ve bought other Revoltech figures before, but the detailing on the Mark1 figure is unreal.

Thought I’d post a few pics . . . shot with the iPod Touch and the Photojojo wide angle/macro lens combo. Some images are with the default cam and some were taken with the Hipstamatic app (Hongdae Hipsta Pak).

. . . oh yeh, I had to add Iron Monger from the first movie, and the third version of Iron Man . . . the Hasbro company in China manufactured Iron Monger and the other Iron Man

Two images taken taken with the Hipstamatic app and the Hongdae Hipsta Pak:



The following images were shot with the default iPod Touch cam and the Photojojo combo wide angle/macro lens:




photojojo lenses . . .

I bought the wide angle/macro combo lens and the telephoto lens from Photojojo for my iPod Touch and new Samsung Galaxy Centura (3 mpx cam) . . . $46 USD & change.

Some thoughts after messing with the lenses . . .

The metal anchor ring fits on the iPod Touch camera lens just fine . . . but the Samsung camera lens snout is square resulting in noticeable vignetting . . . no big deal, it just means you have to allow for the fuzzy corners, or if you like fuzzy corners then no problem . . . OR you can file a square opening into one of the metal anchor rings before you attach it to the Samsung phone body.

When using the macro lens by itself the entire image is vignette free; and, the macro lens lets you get VERY personal with your subject matter.

It’s going to be very interesting using the lenses with apps like Hipstamatic, Puddingcam and other photo apps that let you use the onboard camera to import images. Some of the “darkroom” apps work fine, i.e. Pixlr Express+ . . . camera apps like 6X6 and Hipstamatic show no vignetting like the default iPod Touch cam . . .

Here’s a photo taken with the iPod Touch and the wide angle/macro combo lens . . . I used the camera feature on the Pixlr-o-matic app to capture the image and then let the random FX generator do it’s magic . . . final settings:

frame = ground
light = shine
film = Hagrid


There was a bit of vignette but the frame covered it nicely . . .

I have to remove the Griffin Survivor case to use the lenses, but I’m going to modify the case’s hard shell to allow me to attach the lenses without first removing it from the case.

zhee-klay all the way . . .

Actually the word is spelled giclee . . . it was “coined in 1991 by printmaker Jack Dugann for fine art digital prints made on inkjet printers. The name originally applied to fine art prints created on IRIS printers in a process invented in the late 1980s but has since come to mean any inkjet print.

A lot of “artists” frown on the use of inkjet printers to create multiples of their or any two-dimensional “art” . . . David Hockney received funding from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) to produce “fine art” prints using commercial processes instead of traditional stone and metal plate lithography back in the 1980’s.

Most people don’t give a rats ass about “fine art” . . . they buy reproductions of “The Night Watch” and “Blue Boy” to hang on the living room wall or a NASCAR poster of Dale Earnhardt . . . or Elvis Presleyy painted on black velvet bought at a local flea market.

So inkjet reproductions are practical . . . and like the man said, you can print on demand after the BAT (bon a tirer) or final proof approved for printing is “pulled”.

I snagged an image off the Internet and copied it from the screen of my iPad 2 with the iPod Touch 5G using the Hipstamatic double exposure app, then I ran the image through PhotoForge 2, Doublexposure Pro, Camera 4 Line Art + (C4LA) but not in that sequence.

Digital zhee-klay . . .

the Hipstamatic image

. . . after PhotoForge 2


C4LA rendering

the finale . . . after Doublexposure Pro.
Combined the C4LA render and the PhotoForge 2 color image for the final after a bit of tweaking (contrast, lighting and saturation) with the PhotoForge 2 control knobs.

Now if ever I need the image, it’s waiting in my archive . . . for reference.

Oh . . . the original Internet image was a pic of some rock art (petroglyph) from Legend Rock in Wyoming.

And, what’s the difference between a giclee print and a CD/DVD of your fave opera or concerto or movie ?? A big thanks to Graham Nash for understanding the need for high quality digital reproductions of photographs which led to “zhee-klay” . . . thankyouveddymuch !!

what I did . . .

I was babysitting my grandson this p.m. and after he went to sleep I was messing with my iPod Touch . . . the Pudding Camera app and good ol Hipstamatic. I had Hipsta set-up with the new São Paulo lens and film pak.

Shot my worn jeans and Converse All Stars with their neon laces . . . used the Panorama camera and iPhone basic “film” for the “jeans” pic, and the Fantasy cam with the Vivid film for the All Stars..



Then I noticed the shadows on the wall . . . sunlight through the window and the Venetian blinds . . . shot the snap below with the Pudding Cam app . . .


Then I switched to the Hipstamatic app for a few more shots.

Here’s one . . .


No darkroom work with any of the images . . . straight, no chaser . . .

OGLE . . .


Got an email from the monkeys at Hipstamatic touting their latest and greatest offering . . . oggl . . . even has a dot over the “o” suggesting some exotic European connection.

It doesn’t matter how you spell it . . . oggl or ogle . . . sounds intrusive . . . like Google’s “glass” . . .

From Middle Dutch *ooghelen, oeghelen (“to ogle”), frequentative form of oogen (“to eye”); or from Middle Low German ogelen (“to look at, ogle”), frequentative of ogen, ougen (“to eye, see”), equivalent to og- +‎ -le.
Compare German äugeln (“to ogle”).
More at eye, -le.


ogle (third-person singular simple present ogles, present participle ogling, simple past and past participle ogled)

(transitive, intransitive) To stare at (someone or something), especially impertinently, amorously, or covetously.

Oh . . . almost forgot what I was doing . . . oggl . .

First . . . you have create an account !!!

And what the fuck is all this “community” bullshit ? It’s starting to sound like a real cluster fuck out there in cyberville, re: Pinterest, Instagram and all the other photo-sharing/social media sites.

Facebookfriends“, “likes” and all the online mutual masturbation doesn’t mean your shit is any good, it just means there are a lot of pointless people with a lot of time to be checking all the social media sites . . . don’t you have jobs ??

Or, if you have jobs why aren’t you doing them?
Too busy fucking your phone . . .

I downloaded the oggl freebie . . . I hit the “join oggl” button . . .

I’d read some of the negative reviews about oggl on the app store and was being very open-minded . . . but when the “enter your email address” button popped-up the bullshit hit the reality fan . . . WTF ?!

I clicked out and started this rant . . .
I’ll delete the app as soon as I finish posting . . .

Then I decided to get the social disease germ off my device NOW and deleted it . . . now I need to delete the email !!

I’m going watch River Monsters . . . again . . . oh, your peers only know as much as you and quite often . . . LESS !! You gotta hang with those who have achieved at a higher level in your chosen field of endeavor if you want to move up the ladder . . .

ode to stupidity

Dr. Rebecca Davis
I want your ass
for my pillow
so I can dream
of the ocean
as you fart
whale sounds
voracious killer squid
I sail
the Land of Nod
Uranus . . .