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my old 4G 

My old iPod Touch 4G in its Hipsta case . . . 



Yesterday . . .

Yesterday or was it the day before . . . I posted a photo of a squash blossom and today I decided to post the original image . . .

Original . . .


And the manipulated image.


Two or 3 squash blossoms from my grandson’s box garden.


What people are unaware of is that I have been doing photography since 1970 . . . old school darkroom processing . . . shooting with film (color transparency, black & white and color negative) . . . manual & semi-automatic 35mm cameras . . . no digital 24 megapixel digital auto-focus BS . . . No Instagram smart phone social Pinterest disease.

Now my old cameras languish in storage boxes . . . I shoot almost exclusively with my iPod Touch 5G and occasionally with a beat-up 12 megapixel Nikon Coolpix.

My “darkroom” is my iPad 2 . . .
Have a nice weekend.

Squash blossom . . .

Shot this with my iPod Touch 4G using the Photojojo wide angle/close-up combo lens . . . exported to my iPad 2 . . . Cropped, adjusted contrast & exposure with PhotoForge 2 after running the image through the Pixlr-o-matic app.


iPod Touch 4G

A photo taken with the wide angle/ macro combo lens from Photojojo . . . mounted on my iPod Touch 4G . . . PuddingCam app using the Fantasy setting and Vivid film. I cropped out the vignette shadow in the lower right corner . . . that’s it.


iOS update . . .

My iPod Touch 4G just got the iOS 6.1.5 update . . . thank you Apple.

PlaboC . . .

I know . . . the title makes no sense . . . it isn’t a misspelling of placebo, and that’s all that matters . . . it’s high context . . .

Re: the ToonCamera app

Pat . . . thought you might like to see an example of my ToonCamera work . . . so here it is.

First some persimmons shot with the iPod Touch 4G . . .


Next, the result of dipping the original into the ToonCamera app . . .


Here’s the Doublexpro app mash-up . . . layering the original image with the ToonCamera pic.


Finally, here’s the finished image after cropping the black areas generated by Doublexpro, and adjusting contrast/brightness with PhotoForge 2.


Th-th-th-that’s all folks . . .

el survivor . . .


the Griffin Survivor case for my iPod Touch 5G arrived today . . . I bought a Griffin case similar to the new one for my iPod Touch 4G sometime ago . . . the 4G now lives in its Hipstamatic camera shell . . . customized . . .


we get a lot of wind and dust here in eastern Cali Land so the the new Griffin case will keep the 5G clean . . .


the sensitivity of the screen suffers a bit with the case overlay, but once the finger gets accustomed to the pressure change, all is good . . .


AND the wrist strap that came with the 5G . . . well, it falls off and I dropped the 5G several times, so the belt clip and the “non-skid” material of the Griffin case will solve that inconvenience . . . oh . . . and I like the “feel” of the 5G much better now . . . before, it was too thin and slippery . . . fits my hand better in the new Survivor case . . .


U-u-uh . . . one little glitch . . . the on/off button doesn’t work . . . but I’m going to reinstall the iPod . . . maybe I missed something . . .

iPod in the Survivor . . .


Note: reinstalled the iPod and noticed that the opening in the hard case for the on/off button had been misaligned . . . oops !!! Oh . . . and the screen works o.k. since the reinstall . . . AND . . . I’ve found that I prefer the wider screen on the iPod Touch 4G compared to the newer 5G . . .

p.s. check out the Kindlepaperwhite” . . . free AT&T wifi and Amazon 3G access . . . $179 USD . . . too good to miss . . .

Re: iPod Touch x OWLE BUBO

Recently I posted about modifying the OWLE BUBO for my new iPod Touch . . . but someone seems to have been developing a new “platform” for the iPhone 4/4s and 5 . . . and it can be found at Photojojo . . .

So what ???” you say . . .

Well, the new iPod Touch 5G is basically identical in length and width as the iPhone 5 . . . by adding some bulk to the iPod Touch, it will fit this new aluminum housing !!!


$249.00 (US)

The iPhone housing at Photojojo is different in design than the one offered by Action Life Media (ALM) in Arizona . . . the primary difference being the Photojojo housing is a 2-piece design, so the iPhone slides into the housing, and is secured by attaching the right end of the shell. The end piece of the housing is locked on by threading a screw into the hole provided on the main section of aluminum body.


A choice of two housings is offered:

    1. Housing with a rotating set of three lenses, and;

    2. Housing & adapter which allows a 35mm DSLR or SLR camera lens to be attached to the housing – Nikon or Canon lenses.

The second offering seems like a bit of overkill, but if you’re wondering what to do with yer old SLR lenses, maybe this is the solution.

Action Life Media also provides a similar SLR lens adapter for their iPhone “video rig” for about the same price.

this is a photo of the ALM iPhone housing with its silicon glove for the iPhone.


What’s happening with the OWLE BUBO ??? Nothing . . . I’m not going to mess with any modification, I’ll just use it with the iPod Touch 4G . . . and buy the SLR adapter from Action Life Media.

I’m thinking about getting the three lens housing from Photojojo, primarily because so many of the camera apps now allow for importing images from the camera library . . .

Pics from Photojojo and Action Life Media, all rights reserved.

A Little Tribute . . .

Yeh, the world lost one of its best, but like Jobs was known to have approached the future, ” . . . let it go . . .”


. . . thanks to Apple for all the innovative thought – I used to be a PC, but in the last year, and the past month, I have become, as one person said, ” . . . A member of the iFamily.”

I have an iPod Touch that was my introduction to the wonders of technology, stuff that Dick Tracy, Flash Gordon, and Buck Rogers were privy to in the early 20th Century; after much bitching and moaning, Apple got the camera stuffed into the iPod Touch 4G, and I snagged one, simply because the camera feature was what was missing on my original iPod Touch. Now, I have an iPad2 and plan to get a MacBook Air shortly . . . As my daughter said when I told her that I was adding a MacBook Air to my “crew“, she said, “It won’t be a crew dad, that’ll be a fucking POSSE!!” Well, I’m going in as a 50% investor in a new iPad2 for her, because she needs one! Her refurbished MacBook Pro is just a bit behind the times, so she’s going to “. . . let it go.”

Thanks Steve, and all the family at Apple . . .

Photo taken with my iPod Touch 4G and processed with the Plastic Bullet app.