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Double exposure

Haiku HD and Image Blender apps . . . iPod Touch 5G image.



After the ball is over . . . 

A rose is not a rose after the petals have dropped off . . . I’ve been waiting to photograph this rose hip for more than a week and today was the day . . .

0640 morning after a rain . . . Fall colours courtesy of my iPod Touch with an accessory wide angle/macro combo lens.

New Hipstamatic . . . 

the “blogger” image option from the Hipstamatic app update  . . . 
Lots of room to play with the update . . .



I have to admit, this is a bit of a cheat . . . it’s a still from a video I shot a few minutes ago.  This tiger swallow tail butterfly was camped on the door jamb when first saw it, and by the time I got my iPod Touch it was orbiting the light with moths and some other winged insects . . . I shot a video with the Videon app and after viewing the mvi, I used the app’s still shot feature to capture the butterfly and its moth wingman . . . did a bit of cropping with the onboard camera photo editing feature.

Vincent . . .

Bought the new Jordaan HipstapakRijks film and Vincent lens . . .

Here’s my Vermeer fruits pic . . .


Shot in very low light, adjusted exposure and contrast with PhotoForge 2 . . .

Trash day . . .

Too many minds . . . again . . . like the two trash bins I wheeled out to the street this morning . . . full.

Shot this on Monday in the p.m. (1440 hrs) . . . slightly overcast.


iron man mk1


I’m a huge fan of the first Iron Man movie, so you can understand my buying this action figure . . . $52.00 USD + tax and shipping . . . Amazon of course.

The Iron Man Mark 1 action figure by Revoltech was delivered to my P.O. Box on Tuesday but because the stupid P.O. closed at 12 noon I had to wait until Trashday (Thursday) before I could pick it up . . .

Anyway it’s fucking AWESOME !!
I’ve bought other Revoltech figures before, but the detailing on the Mark1 figure is unreal.

Thought I’d post a few pics . . . shot with the iPod Touch and the Photojojo wide angle/macro lens combo. Some images are with the default cam and some were taken with the Hipstamatic app (Hongdae Hipsta Pak).

. . . oh yeh, I had to add Iron Monger from the first movie, and the third version of Iron Man . . . the Hasbro company in China manufactured Iron Monger and the other Iron Man

Two images taken taken with the Hipstamatic app and the Hongdae Hipsta Pak:



The following images were shot with the default iPod Touch cam and the Photojojo combo wide angle/macro lens:




android tracfone . . .

Day 1

I bought an Android powered TracFone . . . the Samsung Galaxy Centura to replace my old Net 10 LG.

u-u-u-uh what the fuck is up ?? I tried for 6 hours to get my airtime card minutes loaded, and after 6 hours and 3 calls to TracFone the phone was still not functioning . . .

you think Apple stuff is geeky . . . go buy something powered by Android . . . the web pages won’t play on my iPad and if you need to find a solution you have to talk to a machine at TracFone with limited solution options.

Think I’ll probably take the fone back . . .

Day 2

Another attempt to get the thing powered up . . . last chance before it gets dumped.

I spent 45 minutes on my landline talking with a TracFone rep . . . she had to restart the Samsung 3x before it finally got itz shit together.

Now I’m learning how to answer an incoming call . . . and I can send a txt message and attach a photo . . . whole-lee shit . . . bought a baby SD card but still have to hook-up to my PC laptop to configure the it so I can use the mini-storage device . . . OMFG !!

Downloaded the ESRI ArcGIS app.

I do like the fone’s navi capabilities . . . feels a bit like my old iPod Touch 3G . . . got a nice “heft” to it.

iPod Touch on the left . . .

Moleskine on steroids . . .

Paper by FiftyThree, Inc. . . . an app

Obviously the people who have complaints about this app have never used a Moleskine notebook . . .
The app is free with an in-app option for purchasing additional tools (1.99 each). You get the pen tool and an eraser with a nice color pallet included in the download. If you need more stuff (4 additional tools and a color mixer) you can buy them . . .

No you can’t import images (photos or otherwise), but have you tried to download (import) a photo to a Moleskine??

If you want to add color then you can get the brush tool and add great watercolor tints to your sketches . . . no water or makers involved.

This app is only available for the iPad . . . an iPhone/iPod version would be nice.

However, if you want to jot down notes or do a qwik sketch . . . like a storyboard . . . you probably should sit down . . . don’t want to be walking into open manholes or ditches . . . or a utility pole or off the edge of the sidewalk.

If you have the wifi enabled iPad then you can email yer earth shaking concepts or upload them to twitter and Facebook . . .

I’ll still carry a small Moleskine in my back pocket . . . waiting for the iPhone/iPod version of Paper . . .

Get this app if ya gots an iPad . . . y’all.

p.s. I’m going to get the new iPad Air : )

new toy. . .


I bought a Daylight Viewfinder from Photojojo for my iPod Touch 5G . . .


and it came with another little dinosaur.

WHAM BAM thank you m’am . . . it’s just what I need for my forays into the great nature . . . no more trying to figure out what I’m seeing on the big screen when outside in the bright sun . . .

The thing may have some problems eventually . . . like falling off the iPhone/iPod screen, but that can always be fixed with Krazy Glue or duct tape. I have my iPod Touch in a Griffin Survivor case . . . you know, the one that is dust proof water resistant . . . I’ve dropped my iPod Touch several times (4-5 feet) and its suffered no ill effects . . .

Back to the Daylight Viewfinder . . . get one . . . you can hit the shutter button without taking your eye off the viewfinder . . . just like with the old film SLR’s.

I don’t think I’ll use it with the iPad . . .

Goto Photojojo and getcha one . . .