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Totem . . .

2 layers of visual information – white paint Christian graffiti praising the lord and totemic cardboard cut-out imagery . . .


The cardboard images will be placed on the actual graffiti and re-photographed at a later date.


iPod camera . . .

iPod Photo app

I spent approximately 30 minutes reviewing the photo apps that I loaded onto the iTouch . . . and here’s some information that might be of some use . . . My favorite is the Hipstamatic . . . I use the Kodot XGrizzled film setting with the Bettie XL lens . . . The Bettie lens setting gives you simulated light leaks that are just like what used to happen on real film if your bellows had a hole or two. . . AND, if you want creative shots off the big screen, this is the lens for crazy stuff.

. . . this is a photo taken with the default camera . . . my hipsta lava lamp getting in the mood . .


And, this image is/was taken with the Hipstamatic app . . .


As you can see, the Hipstamatic pic has a bit more of the “classic” rectangular 35mm format . . .

Some pics from the internet . . .

Bettie XL lens


. . . Kodot “film” . . .


. . . and a foto of an album “stack” . . .


The appeal of this app is in its similarity to the Diana camera film images . . . I still have “retro” film cameras as well as several Polaroid cameras, so this app is sort of like “comfort food” for an old school camera junkie . . .

The world famoso Diana camera . . . plastic . . . uh huh!


RE: the Diana camera:”As there is no shutter lock, and the shutter mechanism is always held in tension by a spring, multiple exposures with the Diana can be achieved by multiple operations of the shutter release without advancing the film.“. There is an app for the iPod Touch that lets you make double exposures . . . more on that later.
Here’s a link for those of you who still shoot film . . . and live near Irvine CA . . .

. . .HIPSTAMATIC. my most favorite camera app . . . so far.. .

Sent from my iPod Touch

Old School – New World


Profiled . . .

I am a generalist, a concept developer with extensive professional experience in exhibit design, a “cardboard-based” innovator who says “I don’t need no stinking $$$, I just get the J-O-B done!!

What I do best is develop concepts, I’m a developer – I already said that didn’t I – one of my mentors said “tell them, tell them what you told them, and tell them what you told them . . . again.

Definition – “Developer: one who builds or changes and enhances the use of an existing product or programme for some new purpose or to better effect.

Instead of sitting around whining that there is no $$$, I make use of available resources and get the project started, the money follows . . . done.
Now show me to the trash bin . . .

My mantra: “A good hamburger fuels innovation.”

What have I developed?

Most recently, the personal Owens Valley Doll (OVD) – this project concept was researched, a product designed, materials selected, and a 3D prototype produced – the OVD has evolved through various states over a period of 6 months and has ultimately developed into three distinctive types of figures: the “traditional” OVD figure, “Cynthia, Not a Stewardess” and the “new” paper doll.


More stuff:

• Served as a consultant for the Autry National Center, Los Angeles, California, during the initial development phase of an exhibit about the indigenous people of California that was slated to open in 2010.

• Served as a consultant for the redesign and installation of the Anna Kelly basket exhibit at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, California;

• Collaborated with the curatorial staff of the Cleveland of Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, Ohio, on the content and design of an exhibit of basketry from the Anna Kelly collection of Owens Valley Paiute and Shoshone baskets;

• Partnered with the Director of the Eastern California Museum on the proposal and design of a 76-photo exhibition titled “A Personal Responsibility: The Camp Photographs of Toyo Miyatake” for the Eastern California Museum, Independence, California;

• Designed and developed an art-based curriculum (“A–B-C Draw”) aligned with the State of California’s Department of Education Standards and Guidelines (Fine Arts) for teaching composition to students Grade Levels K – 12. This curriculum has evolved into an online post with sample projects offered as down-loadable worksheets.

My elevator pitch:
Old school, new World – Innovative, timeless experience
• Concept/product development from the ground up
• Research and development unique to your company, its culture and environment.


All images are the property of Richard Stewart.

Mobile Suit Gundam – The 8th MS Team


Mobile Suit Gundam . . . $7 USD

Bought this DVD at the local used book store – I was browsing and happened to find it in the new acquisitions section. Been wondering about the content of the Gundam anime, so I bought it; for $7.00 USD I thought it was worth the money.


Back of DVD case

. . . there is very strong following of the Gundam kit models and anime in Japan, the U.S. and Asia.



The selling point was the graphic cover treatment – looked like a comic book/manga cover.


. . . the goods . . .

I have several “old school” kit models that I built in the 1980’s – I even have a kit that hasn’t been built and another that is in the final stages of completion after 20+ years . . .


. . . image tease . . .

I’m going to watch the DVD later this evening . . .


. . . Yam Yam . . .

Bought some Pocky and Yam Yam to snack on while I watch the DVD, but only the Pocky is left . . .

Old School Rework

I had been planning on finishing my old S.F.3.D. Fireball that I bought back in 1982, but . . . I started feeling guilty about not repairing the Fang of the Sun “konbattama”, the Roundfacer, Mackerel, and the three Bushman mecha. I took the five relics to the shop this morning and spent the day disassembling, cleaning and reattaching broken parts. Looks like another two or three days before adding battle damage and repainting is complete. I proably wouldn’t have started this rework except that I recently viewed some really great diorama constructs and decided that I should clean-up the mecha and design a decent display for them.


Group photo before rework session


Mecha with parts to be restored


No. 5


Mackerel showing damage - missing tanks & hoses


Mackerel, close-up


Parts to be reattached


Seam clean-up


Lots of clean-up needed underneath


Roundfacer dismantle


No. 6 on the clean-up table



That’s it for today – I’ll post more photos Saturday or Sunday depending on how the repaint if coming along.

Here’s a link that has some very good information about the SF3D Kow Yokoyama originals and the Ma. K. Machinen Kreiger kits.
<a href="http://www.trooperpx.com/SF3D/SF3DOriginal.html