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money doesn’t motivate me . . .


Had to check-in with Danny Choo and see what he be up to . . . seems like people are beginning to catch on to his “Culture Japan” lifestyle scam . . . while its probably true that his dad Jimmy Choo didn’t front him money, Danny IS motivated by money . . . He says he only pays himself an annual $12,000.00 salary, but he gets comped by other people in the otaku anime world . . . perks . . . gifts of iPads, iPhones, all sorts of electronic goodies . . . trips to anime conventions . . .
and the beat goes on.

Yeh . . . this isn’t “troll” material, just a reality check . . .

Here’s a quote from Danny’s blurb on money:

“I get by on my current salary because my job is my hobby – most of the things I need or do can be expensed to my company.
Much of the items that are involved with my line of work (figures, dolls, hardware etc) fall through the hole in the ceiling meaning that I do not need to spend a load of moolah on the stuff I want.
Most of my travel overseas is also covered by the conventions that have invited me

Sort of like sports personalities here in the U.S.

Anyway . . . Danny has a post up titled “Why Money Doesn’t Motivate Me” . . . yeh . . . right . . . heres the link . . .

You need to have been following Danny’s “shenanigans” on his blog over the past 2 or 3 years to be aware of the changes in his life . . . he’s hooked into TV with his own “Culture Japan” show that touts the “otaku” anime lifestyle . . . and he has ties with one of the most popular online hentai manga sites . . . Fakku . . . just dial-up “Fakku” . . .

As I mentioned somewhere . . . I started my blogging journey by commenting and posting on Dannychoo.com four years ago, and I still check-in from time to time to see if Danny has moved forward . . . unfortunately he’s still pursuing his dream of empire and dragging a lot of gullible people (comrades) along in his pursuit of a self-proclaimed cultural lifestyle (accumulating corporate wealth and spewing “motivational” dross) . . . reminds me of Hugh Hefner . . . one day Danny will be 80 years old still packing his Mirai BJD around and calling his dick a “dolphin” women’s tits “eyes” and female crotches “v-zones” . . .

I’ve spent too much time on this, so GOODNIGHT . . .


26 grand . . .


Yeh, I know, I know . . . 26 thousand views ain’t much compared to Dannychoo.com or Tavi G. but I ain’t selling nothin’ or appealing to a specific high context group . . . like teenage girls or otaku . . . I just post everyday stuff that some people find interesting . . . but . . . I planted a flag on Mt. 25K June 22 and it’s not been 30 days . . . !! O-M-G !!

Danny Choo gets like 126,000 views per day and often MOAR !! . . . as for Tavi . . . she gets her fair share.

Thanks to all who viewed the posts . . . THANKYOUTHANKYOUTHANKYOU . . .


. . . passed that milestone yesterday and I’m having a beer today . . .


. . . !! C-E-L-E-B-R-A-T-I-O-N !!!

My Workspace

Thought I would throw out some photos of the space where I “work” . . .


. . . the reason behind this post is as follows: Danny Choo of dannychoo.com is putting together OTACOOL 3, the theme of which is “Your Workspace” – approximately 200 “workspaces” will be featured in the publication. OTACOOL 3 is the sequel to OTACOOL (photos of your room) and OTACOOL 2 which featured cosplayers from around the world. Oh, OTACOOL (the first of the OTACOOL series) also drew from the global otaku community as will OTACOOL 3.


Miscellaneous equipment: Flip Mino HD videocam (custom urban camouflage), iPod Touch (in the gray bag) and the case with my second set of eyes . . . oh yeh, and the second prime lens for my Canon 10D (Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4).

When I think of a “workspace”, I visualize an area with “tools of the trade” lying about a work area, be it a table, workbench, etc., however most of the “workspace” photos posted for the OTACOOL 3 book so far, have been of desks with laptops, graphics pads, dual flat screen monitors and a comfy chair from Ikea or some such place, and no real evidence of actual “work” taking place in the said locations. Maybe if you’re a programmer or graphic designer, then, Yes, I can accept the “squeeky” clean desktops, but nowhere is there any evidence of any pencils or stuff that one associates with “real” work.


. . . the bucket for my “butt” . . . with custom floor rug seat cushion.

Danny Choo has posted photos of various Japanese figure developers and the workspaces where the prototypes for the 3D anime figures and such are produced; there was an obvious lack of laptops and monitors with anime screen savers. Lots of WIP, exhaust fans, compressors, airbrushes and clutter however . . .


Halo 3 environmental inspectors . . .


Special flavors of “eye” candy for nutrition breaks . . .

As you can see, I don’t use a fancy swivel chair, nor are there any monitors or a laptop in evidence, just an OTT light for extra contrast, a piece of painter’s drop cloth covering a table I use as a work surface, the knives I use to sculpt the polymer clay to create my 3D figure concepts.


“Modding” the right arm . . .

The “wet” clay is cured in a toaster oven in a separate room with an exhaust fan to get rid of the polymer fumes. (no pics)


Captain America likes my selection of blades . . .


And there is usually sketch paper and pencils (remember what those were used for) close by for the flashes of genius.

I realize that a large majority of the dannychoo.com viewers are students, so maybe a zeen or more posts featuring the modelers of the anime and action figure world is in order . . . some “real” workspaces . . . after all, without them there is no fuel for the otaku engine.



Mistika and Nokama

I’m posting this because I have been collecting Bionicle kits for a number of years. I like them because they are an easy build and you can do a kit-bash with other Bionicle figures. A kit-bash is a process where parts from one kit are combined with or substituted for parts on another kit to create a “hybrid” figure. the kit-bash is popular in the Gundam community.


Kit box

These Lego kits are popular in my kingdom, how about where you live?





I buy my Bionicle kits at the local K-mart. The Big K, as K-mart is also called, had a sale on the smaller Bionicle kits a week or so ago; if you bought two of the smaller kits, you got one free! Sold out of the small kits in about a day !!




A good price?

A similar post will go up in Japan shortly on Figure.fm at www.dannychoo.com.