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“ragtime” Sunday

Sunday and the “boro” man . . .


Well . . . got some serious input relative to the “boro” concept today . . . not all concept pieces will be too complex or thought out.


. . . this is the “boro” prototype piece.

And here are some photos of the long neglected OVD . . . she will be the icon for the “concept” project.


The once plain denim cape or “blanket” is now a “boro” style garment . . .


My sister is bringing one of her dolls for a fitting . . . needs a “boro” style haori . . .







Old School – New World


Profiled . . .

I am a generalist, a concept developer with extensive professional experience in exhibit design, a “cardboard-based” innovator who says “I don’t need no stinking $$$, I just get the J-O-B done!!

What I do best is develop concepts, I’m a developer – I already said that didn’t I – one of my mentors said “tell them, tell them what you told them, and tell them what you told them . . . again.

Definition – “Developer: one who builds or changes and enhances the use of an existing product or programme for some new purpose or to better effect.

Instead of sitting around whining that there is no $$$, I make use of available resources and get the project started, the money follows . . . done.
Now show me to the trash bin . . .

My mantra: “A good hamburger fuels innovation.”

What have I developed?

Most recently, the personal Owens Valley Doll (OVD) – this project concept was researched, a product designed, materials selected, and a 3D prototype produced – the OVD has evolved through various states over a period of 6 months and has ultimately developed into three distinctive types of figures: the “traditional” OVD figure, “Cynthia, Not a Stewardess” and the “new” paper doll.


More stuff:

• Served as a consultant for the Autry National Center, Los Angeles, California, during the initial development phase of an exhibit about the indigenous people of California that was slated to open in 2010.

• Served as a consultant for the redesign and installation of the Anna Kelly basket exhibit at the Los Angeles County Natural History Museum, Los Angeles, California;

• Collaborated with the curatorial staff of the Cleveland of Museum of Natural History, Cleveland, Ohio, on the content and design of an exhibit of basketry from the Anna Kelly collection of Owens Valley Paiute and Shoshone baskets;

• Partnered with the Director of the Eastern California Museum on the proposal and design of a 76-photo exhibition titled “A Personal Responsibility: The Camp Photographs of Toyo Miyatake” for the Eastern California Museum, Independence, California;

• Designed and developed an art-based curriculum (“A–B-C Draw”) aligned with the State of California’s Department of Education Standards and Guidelines (Fine Arts) for teaching composition to students Grade Levels K – 12. This curriculum has evolved into an online post with sample projects offered as down-loadable worksheets.

My elevator pitch:
Old school, new World – Innovative, timeless experience
• Concept/product development from the ground up
• Research and development unique to your company, its culture and environment.


All images are the property of Richard Stewart.

A Paper Doll to Call MY Own

Theme and Variation

Somehow music plays in the development of my projects, that is, it’s like being handed a “chart”, a score sheet, with some chords or notes scribbled on it . . . what do you do with it? If you’re a jazz man, you play it (the theme) through and the next time through, you play a variation of the original melody, you improvise. And that’s what happens when I look at things; I see a visual “theme”, something that could be used as a point of departure for a “variation”, a modification, something to improvise on.

I’m like the old blues guitar player who said when asked “what’s next Jimmy?” Jimmy replied, “. . . you name ‘em an I’ll play ‘em . . .

I’ve been trying to move past the 3D OVD to something that is more mainstream. that’s when I remembered the “flat” Japanese paper dolls that I’ve seen, I said. “Yeh . . .”, that’s what I’d been looking for . . . after all, the OVD is a “variation” on the Japanese kokeshi and the Hopi katsin-tithu, why not take it a bit farther.

Once again while wandering the “dreamtime”, the idea for another variation of the OVD came knock – knock, knocking . . . and once I got to the bis, I started measuring and sketching and doing some previs (previsualization) for the final design.

So here’s like two hours of R&D crammed into some photos.


. . . first variation on the theme.


OVD theme . . .


Page ! of the OVD chart . . .


. . . page 2


Mat board template . . .


First and second movements . . .


3rd movement: exposition . . .


This the “CON“, where the conductor stands . . . and consumes mass quantities of Pepsi . . .

BTW – I figured out the total number of hours from the start of the research to the cutting of 4 torsos and heads from a sheet of Bristol board – 8 hours. Sounds a bit mercenary, but you need to know if what you’re doing has the potential for being profitable.

Gotta see if I can get Karl Lagerfeld to collaborate on some fashionable dresses for the new dolls . . .


This is “the bis” . . . all the essentials fit in a reusable shopping bag, black nylon, of course (not too demode).

Cynthia – Not a Stewardess

Added a new category – Earth Dragon H – just for the hell of it and to post stuff that might not be for the warm and fuzzies !!

First post in the new category is about how subject matter evolves, like how the Owens Valley Doll is changing through consumer comment. Maybe this is where I’ve been heading, like maybe the original OVD concept was a stepping-off point.

Cynthia is a re-work of a pre-existing figure that didn’t fit the criteria established for the OVD; too short and lacking character (!). leg segment will be lengthened and individual legs carved from the solid section.


Meet Cynthia

As you can see, Cynthia is a work-in-progress; the base is being modified and some of the white undercoat is visible and she is definitely different from the other OVD; could be representing how indigenous people adapt to change.

CA & T

The smaller figure is also a wip.

The plan is to introduce the new OVD to a Japanese blog community for comment; the community is quite large and ready to provide constructive comment.