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Mixing the visuals . . .

Here’s what’s left of a foto I snagged off the ether . . . I mixed the final image using the following apps, in sequence, as listed:

  • Photo Pad
  • Fuji Film Instax app
  • PhotoForge2
  • 20111127-155222.jpg
    The Fuji Instax app was used for the “bandaid” brush stroke; with the Photo Pad app, I used the filter feature’s “abstract” option; and, with PhotoForge2, I adjusted the exposure, cropped and flopped the image for the end result.

    I don’t make written notes documenting the slider settings (percentages) I use, cos that’s not my style . . . the app features and options are simply the visual cues, the “chart” if you will, how I play between the cues is based on experience, and the “now” . . . thanks to Karl Lagerfeld for providing the “now” . . .


    Camera apps . . . again

    Camera apps – iPod Touch



    . . . been playing with my camera apps . . . and, although I’ve downloaded several new apps, here’s a but of an evaluation of a few:

    . . . three pics of my lunch two days ago with the default camera (Astorga’s Mexican Grill, Bishop CA).




    PhotoStudio – First, you can save an image to a document folder! This is an option not offered by any of the other apps that are installed on the iPod Touch . . 181 options . . . uh . . . Why? For $2.99 I would expect a bit more sophistication . . . a LOT of FaceBook/MySpace drama . . . only three or four settings of any significance . . . even Photo Shop Express is better, PSE costs more (Adobe), but . . . I don’t need to see Oprah . . .

    Lo-Mob updated yesterday, with four new options: Print Toning OMG!! Awesome!! (Lo-Mob images later)

    The Instant Matic category has some changes, mostly hue and saturation, but good stuff.

    Emulsions: the News Desaturated is like the 60’s Square, with the difference being format, ND is rectangular.

    6×6 TTV Green Koretico is so cool, the green hue is just enough to give the image a “cross-processed” feel; and, the previously mentioned Print Toning.

    CameraBag: The “infrared” option here is definitely a heat sensor image mixed with b&w positive print information – interesting.

    Most of the “cross-process” settings or apps don’t look “cross-processed” . . . watch “Man on Fire” to see cross-processed imagery and color (you really need to watch the film). Cross-processed film is color negative film developed using color transparency chemicals, or color transparency film processed with color negative chemicals. The color balance of the imagery was affected by use of the “wrong” chemicals and altered developing times.


    The “Bettie XL” lens coupled with the Kodot XGrizzled “film” settings on the Hipstamatic app, produces an image very similar to a true “cross-processed” film frame.


    I’ve used a Bible Black character as a model for my “cross-processed” images . . . Rika Shiraki (白木 里香, Shiraki Rika?) The head of the student council. Wealthy and untouchable, she’s very popular among the boys.



    Image degradation with this Hipstamatic app lens/film combination is random, and results are affected by Kelvin temperature of the ambient light.


    Happy NEW Year . . .


    Sent from my iPod Touch, photos added.

    CameraBag photo app . . .


    The above image shot with the Hipstamatic app, Bettie XL lens and Kodot XGrizzled “film” . . .

    Well, I downloaded Camera+ and CameraBag . . . I haven’t messed with the Camera+ app, but as for CameraBag . . . it’s nice to have MORE lenses (Lomo, “Helga”, etc., etc.) . . . the one lens that was really a disappointment was the “infrared” setting . . . having worked with infrared film, the silver-y b&w neggie image is nowhere close to the washed out gradations of an infrared negative or color transparency . . . looks more like a heat sensing image (infrared) . . . true infrared film reads color differently – so I’m using some photos of the famoso Ultraviolet, from Avant Garde, issue #9 . . . the original photos in this article were shot with infrared color film, and I used the default iPod Touch camera to copy the magazine pages for this post . . .


    Number 9 . . . number 9 . . .






    Ultraviolet was one of the personalities best known for her association with Andy Warhol . . .

    I shot some pics with the “infrared” setting on the CameraBag app, and found the results to be more like “solarized” black and white prints . . . might be better to call the b&w image “solarized” rather than “infrared“, and maybe the developers could work on getting a color image that is representative of an infrared “film” image . . .

    “Straight” iPod Touch camera photo . . .


    . . . CameraBag “infrared” setting . . .


    . . . gotta play with the “infrared” setting and find it’s “true” identity.
    I still prefer the Hipstamatic and Retro Camera apps, with PhotoForge 1.91 for manipulating pics . . . oh. and can’t forget ToonCamera !!!

    Photos of Ultraviolet were shot by Eliot Elisofon, All Rights Reserved.

    Sent from my iPod Touch, photos added.

    Ball joint dolls . . . again

    Ball joint dolls . . . again


    Seems that Hans Bellmer wasn’t the only person playing with BJ figures during the early 1900’s . . . Man Ray was photographing set-ups using jointed wooden manikins, although not as large scale as Bellmer’s dolls.


    While looking through the Man Ray photo archives, I found a series of images tagged “the Woodmans” . . . male and female manikins, approximately 1/6 scale, posable artist’s 3D drawing aids . . . the series was basically set of “erotic” scenarios, with the Woodmans illustrating various sexual positions . . . Mr Woodman had a very obvious bit of “wood” showing . . . LOL!!


    “Mr. Woodman and the Mrs.” . . .




    I mention Man Ray, because he was “solarizing” images (early 1900’s), and I was searching for examples since the PhotoForge app (ver. 1.91) has filter effects that will generate faux solarization with both color and black & white images.


    The PhotoForge app is on my camera-less iPod Touch (OS upgraded to ver. 4.2.1) and works great . . . and I should add that PhotoForge (ver. 1.9.1) offers MORE adjustments and effects than Photo Shop Express . . . c’mon Adobe . . . duh . . .

    I have Photo Shop Express installed on the new iTouch, but after working with PhotoForge, PSE is sitting in the proverbial corner saying, ” . . . What’d I do, what’d I do??”

    I’ve read some interesting comments regarding the latest version of PhotoForge . . . WTF!! I can crash most of the apps I have installed on my iPad mini, but remember, WHAT it is that you’re actually holding IN YOUR HAND ain’t no freaking super computer in the Lawrence Livermore Labs . . . but close enough for the Post Office . . . Nuff said!!


    The above image is a PhotoForge/Layers combo , , , took about 20 minutes. An image like this, 10 years ago would have taken several days, if not weeks to generate – high contrast negs and positives, etc., etc., etc. s-o-o-o, like this image can be enlarged to wall-size with the printing technology available today.

    Some of what Photo Shop Express doesn’t have, but what I got with the early version of PhotoForge:

    Listed under “filters”:

    . . . vignette, Lomo, “Sin city“, watercolor, oil painting, “night vision, negative, Sunset, BlueSky, emboss – these are just some of the items in the catalog of effects . . .

    As for Adjustments:

    . . . curves, tilt/shift (depth of field), auto exposure and white balance, noise reduction, and more, remember, this is on version 1.9.1 . . .


    Sin City, posterize, curves, ramped contrast, hue/saturation . . .

    All Man Ray images are the property of the Man Ray Trust, and the Bellmer images are the property of their respective owners.

    Preliminary draft sent from my iPod Touch with photos added.

    More from Apple

    The “NEW” iPad (iPod Touch)


    The new “tablet” that was introduced by Apple a few days ago not only has a “stinky” name, but also is being pounded by the iPhone fanboys because ” . . . its too big told hold in one hand” for extended periods of time or “ it doesn’t support Flash10”.

    I posted my thoughts on the new Appletablet” previously, as well as showing some of the apps that I have on my iPod Touch.

    This new piece of hardware is not for the people who already own an iPhone or Blackberry or some other “smart phone” – it’s designed for the person who owns an iPod Touch and can see that this big “tablet” brother (or sister) is not just the new kid on the block, but a glimpse of what the future is going to “be” like.

    If the app developers are doing what I think they are doing, which is, “modding” the existing iPhone/iPod Touch apps to move seamlessly across to the new “tablet”, then apple needs to start talking to a new group of potential users, namely those of us who are older (I’m 65) and see the computer as a tool, something that enables us to pursue or enjoy whatever careers or activities that we are actively involved in.


    I want this sooo much . . .

    At the risk of being redundant, here’s a list of the apps on the home page of my iTouch:

    Safari, Calendar, Clock, Notes, BlogWriter, Calculator, Mail, Contacts, Layers, PhotoForge, Twittelator, MobileStudio, Settings, QuickOffice and Music.

    BlogWriter, Layers, PhotoForge, Twittelator, MobileStudio and QuickOffice are all apps (accessories) that were either free or cost less than $5 USD – the others came with the iTouch. My Touch is the 8 GB model and is not “jail broke” – why mess with it ??

    A quick discussion of my “accessory” apps:

    BlogWriter allows me to post from any wifi hotspot (with the new “tablet” I will be able to upload photos from my camera’s SD card – ooooo. “live” blogs); Layers is an app that is like the Paint program on PC’s only more sophisticated – it’s easier to use than Paint: Twittelator = Twitter, ‘nuff said; MobileStudio lets you movies, music, pictures and create text documents – you can e-mail your documents, pictures, not sure about music and movies; QuickOffice lets you e-mail, create documents (got bullets, paragraph alignment, Bold, italics, underline, text format, text color, find, word count and highlight).

    And I haven’t even discussed the games (Pacman, Robo Rush and Infinity Gene – “Space Invaders”) or Randgrid (synth app), Jasuto (reactable sound generator – Bjork uses it in several of her videos).

    I’ve lost count of the number of apps available for the iPhone/iPod Touch (140,00 last count), but I know the developers are out there developing more and upgrading existing ones. YEH !!

    All of the apps on my iPod Touch can be moved to the new “tablet”. HOO-RAY !!

    The following is direct from the e-mail sent out by Apple:

    140,000 apps. And counting.

    iPad will work with almost all of the apps designed for the iPhone. Just download them from the App Store. Or, if you already have apps for your iPhone or iPod touch, you can sync them to iPad from your Mac or PC. Then run them in their original size, or expand them to fill the screen. And developers are working on new apps designed specifically for this amazing device and all the things it can do.

    Will I stop using my iPod Touch after the purchase of the new “tablet” ? No, I will use the iTouch when the “tablet” is not the practical weapon of choice.

    The following is a tidbit that I was not aware of until I started writing this post:

    iWork – Completely reimagined for iPad

    The iWork productivity applications on the MacKeynote, Pages, and Numbers — have been completely redesigned for iPad. So you can create incredible presentations, word processing documents, and spreadsheets by touching words and images on the large, Multi-Touch screen. Each of these apps has been designed specially for iPad, with all-new features. So while they’re easy to use, they’re also the most powerful productivity apps ever built for a mobile device. You can import iWork ’09 and Microsoft Office documents and send documents in iWork ’09 and PDF formats. And Keynote, Pages, and Numbers will be sold individually on the App Store.”


    I like the BIG screen . . .

    Very interesting – I can envision people spilling coffee, dropping things and just general confusion when someone shows up at a conference and sets up their presentation with a “tablet” !!


    With built-in 802.11n, iPad takes advantage of the fastest Wi-Fi networks. It automatically locates available Wi-Fi networks, which you can join with a few taps; it also comes with Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR, letting you connect to devices like wireless headphones or the Apple Wireless Keyboard.”

    I don’t think enough is being said about all the great tech stuff that will be on the “tablet” and that is already on the iPod Touch.


    (Apple A4 chip)

    The performance is unlike anything you’ve ever seen on a touch-based device. Which makes iPad fantastic for everything from productivity apps to games. . . And iPad is available with a choice of 16GB, 32GB, or 64GB of flash storage, giving you lots of room for your photos, movies, music, apps, and more.”

    (I edited some of the “feel good” content because it was just crap aimed in the direction of the “warm and fuzzies”)


    I want this NOW !!


    With the iPod app, all your music is literally at your fingertips. Browse by album, song, artist, or genre with a simple flick. To play a song, just tap it. iPad even displays album art at full size. Listen to your music with the powerful built-in speaker or with wired or Bluetooth wireless headphones.

    Nice touch, bringing it all home by incorporating the essence of where it all started in the new iteration.

    Spotlight Search

    Spotlight Search allows you to search across iPad and all of its built-in apps, including Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iPod, and Notes. It even searches apps you’ve downloaded from the App Store. So no matter what you’re looking for, it’s never more than a few taps away.

    A little too much like a Mac . . . besides, I don’t plan to store too much crap on my “tablet”.


    The iBooks app is a great new way to read and buy books.* Download the free app from the App Store and buy everything from classics to best sellers from the built-in iBookstore. Once you’ve bought a book, it’s displayed on your Bookshelf. Just tap it to start reading. The high-resolution, LED-backlit screen displays everything in sharp, rich color, even in low light.”


    This app is definitely a giant killer – saw a size comparison between the “tablet” and the Kindle, no contest, the “tablet” has a larger screen !!


    There are lots of great accessories specifically designed for iPad. The Keyboard Dock, for instance, combines a dock with a full-size keyboard. There’s also a standalone Dock. And because iPad has built-in Bluetooth wireless technology, it works with the Apple Wireless Keyboard, too. The Camera Connection Kit lets you import photos from a camera or SD card. The iPad Case not only protects your iPad, it also allows you to use it in various positions, making it easier to type, look at photos, or watch movies. And through a range of accessories, iPad can play your content on TVs, projectors, and displays.”


    . . . the GOODIES !!

    (All bold type added by RS)

    After reading the “fine print” I thought that I should “share” my findings . . . the “tablet” is one hell of a machine, so let’s stop talking to the “fanboys” and open a dialog with the people who have money and/or jobs, the potential users who can appreciate a fine business tool.

    . . . saw the iPad on the Grammys (2010/31/1)