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web . . . 0900

my 2yr+ grandson spotted this web over the ditch in our yard . . . 

iPod Touch w/Photojojo wide angle/macro lens.

smoke haze . . .Ā 

This is what it looks like outside . . . again. 

. . . definitely not purple . . . or Dolores.

on the wagon . . .Ā 

You’ve heard the old saying, “I fell off the wagon.” Yeh, well there’s always something that makes you climb back on . . . Like falling off a horse or crashing yer bike . . . you just get back on. 

 Here’s the reason I got back on the camera: 

Yeh, an old Linhof Combi-U tripod with a Leitz ball head.

I haven’t used it with my Nikon Coolpix or my iPod cameras yet, but it made me realize I’d just been sitting on my ass for the past few months . . . moping.

 So I ordered a Nuku Shutter Remote, a Universal Glif, and a Smartphone Spy Lens, all from Photojojo.  

The “spy” lens so I can get those weird high/low angle shots without having to do some yoga stretches so I don’t pull a muscle . . . really . . . after turning 60, I got “real” and confessed that I was no longer 14 years old and needed to reassess the limits of my flexibility/mobility . . . like, “Yer not a kid anymore!!

. . . the old guy in the mirror really was me and not Ezra Pound.

So begins a new chapter . . . 

August . . . aghast . . .Ā 


Here’s an enhanced image of the late afternoon sun shot through some trees . . . we’ve been plagued by smoke from a wildfire burning in the Sierra Nevada mountains for more than a week now . . . Irritates the eyes, nose and throat . . . 

I used the iPod Touch 5G with a telephoto accessory lens from Photojojo . . . ran the image through the Pixlr-o-matic + app for enhanced color, and made some adjustments with the iPad mini’s onboard photo editor . . . 

Tin type . . .

Photo shot with the new app from Hipstamatic . . . “TinType” and the Photojojo wide angle/macro combo lens featuring a guest from Photojojo.


F-I-N-A-L-L-Y the Hipsta people lets you access the camera roll !! OMFG !!

Polaroid Instant or . . .

If you get the Polaroid Instant app for yer iPad you will have to buy it for the iPhone and if you get it for yer iPhone you will have to pay to get the app for yer iPad . . .

u-u-u-u-uh WTF ?!

Anyway if you want vintage Polaroid formats/emulsions get the LoMob app . . . if you gets it on yer iPad it will load to all youse other mecha like iPhone iPod Touch, and you only pays one time !!

The Polaroid Instant app has a tendency to crash when you try to add too much fluff to yer images . . . When you try to save yer image with fingerprints vignette border texture text etc. etc. the app closes and you end up back with a screen full of icons . . . it’s like being out with yer GF and just when you think . . . you know . . . and she pulls her skirt back down . . .

The Polaroid Instant app is O.K. Didn’t think I would have to pay twice for it but like I said . . .

I’m thinking about taking my NIKON FM 35mm out of storage and shoot some real film . . . I can use a local camera shop to process my film and use the lomography-smartphone-film-scanner from Photojojo to digitize my negs.

I know, I know, I could just have the photo store make a CD but no CD drive on the iPad so I’ll just use my iPod Touch to copy the images I like and export them to the iPad for further processing or do some editing on the iPod Touch before moving them to the iPad darkroom – Lots of options.

“Fake” Polaroid images generated using the LoMob app . . .

Family Instant


instant Emulsion


Vintage Instant (023A)


6X9 Instant Emulsion


There are 15 filters in the LoMob “Instant Photography” (Polaroid) category.

Original camera image: iPad 2


ps – I didn’t mention that the LoMob app has a camera function so you don’t have to import yer images . . . just shoot from the app. More camera apps now let you shoot from within the app not like Hipstamatic . . . Hipstamatic just keeps developing more films and lenses . . . Hipstamatic = Microsoft . . . duh . . .

Inside out . . .

Inside . . .


. . . out.


Inside image shot with the Photojojo macro accessory lens w/o wide angle attachment, and the outside pic was captured with the wide angle/macro combination . . . Photojojo of course. iPod Touch 5G camera, square format, HD setting. some tweaking of contrast and exposure with PhotoForge 2 app.

“selfie” . . .

Yep that’s me . . . in the background . . . the shadowy figure with garage, vying for facetime . . .


Mantis . . .

This was hanging out in the flowers and was flushed from its ambush by my watering can . . .


Shot with the iPod. Touch 5G camera and the Photojojo wide angle/macro accessory lens combo.

No-glare daylight viewfinder

I bought one of daylight viewfinders that fits on the screen on my iPod Touch 4 & 5G . . . Why you ask . . .because it’s almost impossible to see the image on the screen in daylight . . . you know like seeing yer ugly mug or the sky or buildings behind you . . . anything and everything but what you be trying to take a picture of . . . WTF?! . . . I mean there should be a high tech viewfinder like the old Leicas used to have before SLRs . . .

Well the $30 USD gizmo that I got from Photojojo a while back got its field test today . . .

In the pic below you can see the control icons on the right side of the eyepiece . . .


What are the rubber bands for?

Well, the viewfinder has a tendency to lose its “grip” on the screen . . . caused by body oil, sweat, dust, etc . . . but no problem I just used the two rubber bands that I snagged off the free-bee newspaper that comes every Wednesday afternoon and bun-gee’d the sucker down . . . makes you look like yer looking through yer camera’s lens OMFG !!


Second problem is the app doesn’t seem to want to work on the iPod 5G . . . on the 4G it works fine.

I enlarged the camera lens port (hole) on an old Griffin camera case so I can use my Photojojo accessory lenses without having to remove the protective sleeve every time I want to get crazy . . .


Eyepiece closed . . .


Eyepiece open . . .


That’s it for trash day . . .