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Fang of the Sun . . .

I ran across these photos of my old Fang of the Sun mecha . . . I built this one back in the 1980’s . . . bought 5 kits in Little Tokyo . . . 3 Bushman, a Roundfacer, and the Mackerel . . . All examples of combat armor before the overly detailed “gundam” became popular . . . I wasn’t a fan or devout model builder, I just liked the figures and the fact that they were well articulated for the time period . . . especially here in the U.S.

Old #5 . . . minus the top of the cockpit.


. . . a rear view of the combat armor.


Detail of the left arm and shoulder . . . I added the “hydraulic” lines . . . electrical wire from a dead laptop.


. . . and some extra details like patch plates on the leg and upper body.


. . . “battle damage” was added using a Dremel with a 1/8 inch drill bit.

Candid snap in the coleus . . .


. . . faux Polaroid . . .


I wish the Poladroid app worked on the iPad . . . hint . . . hint . . .


Fang of the Sun

Some pics of mods on my relic “Bushman” mecha from “Fang of the Sun/Robotech” era . . .

Took me 20 years to finally “finish” the beast.

An old cell phone provided the antenna and “shield” . . .

Added “battle damage” with my trusty Dremel . . .

“Hydraulic” lines are electrical wires from a dead CPU

Many coats of enamel and spray paint . . .

Photos taken with the default iPod Touch camera.

Old School Rework

I had been planning on finishing my old S.F.3.D. Fireball that I bought back in 1982, but . . . I started feeling guilty about not repairing the Fang of the Sun “konbattama”, the Roundfacer, Mackerel, and the three Bushman mecha. I took the five relics to the shop this morning and spent the day disassembling, cleaning and reattaching broken parts. Looks like another two or three days before adding battle damage and repainting is complete. I proably wouldn’t have started this rework except that I recently viewed some really great diorama constructs and decided that I should clean-up the mecha and design a decent display for them.


Group photo before rework session


Mecha with parts to be restored


No. 5


Mackerel showing damage - missing tanks & hoses


Mackerel, close-up


Parts to be reattached


Seam clean-up


Lots of clean-up needed underneath


Roundfacer dismantle


No. 6 on the clean-up table



That’s it for today – I’ll post more photos Saturday or Sunday depending on how the repaint if coming along.

Here’s a link that has some very good information about the SF3D Kow Yokoyama originals and the Ma. K. Machinen Kreiger kits.
<a href="http://www.trooperpx.com/SF3D/SF3DOriginal.html