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One mind today . . .

Ordered a 16GB iPad mini bought a Samsung GALAXY Centura to replace the one I washed . . . doing a variation (Letters to Myself) on the Burroughs/Gysin cut-up process . . . B/G thing to be posted later . . . The rest of the day will no mind . . .




Gotta transfer service from my old fone to the new one . . .


android fone

pic of my Samsung Android fone updating . . .


Samsung cam . . .


holiday greetings and good wishes from me and the Samsung fone cam . . .

Samsung Galaxy Centura camera

Photojojo lenses – part II


Samsung Galaxy Centura

For those of you who bought the Samsung Galaxy Centura offered by Tracfone, you got a real prize if you like doing photography.

The 3 megapixel camera on the Samsung Galaxy Centura has some nice editing options . . . yeh it’s only 3 mpx but if you need more resolution go buy a freaking DSLR and shut up!!

4 those of you who are addicted to uploading fotos to yer fav social disease medium . . . don’t waste $$$ on apps, the Centura camera gives more editing options than you’ll ever need . . .

O.K. . . . go take a foto and get started . . . goto the menu icon and tap . . . when the list pops up poke edit (the menu is the icon down in the lower left corner under SAMSUNG) . . .

You get 2 selections: Photo Studio and Photos.

The Photo Studio option gives you 4 category icons to choose from:

1. FX;
2. a pallet icon;
3. a crop option (with other tools); and,
4. a light/dark tool.

Here’s a detailed description of settings or adjustment options in each category:

White/Black icon – Fill light, Highlight, Shadow, Auto-fix;

FX icon – Cross process, Vignette, Film grain (slider adjustment), Fisheye (slider adjustment);

Pallet icon – Warmth, Saturation, B&W, Sepia, Negative, Tint, Duo- tone, and Doodle (a drawing feature).
Adjustment Icon – Crop, Red eye, Face Glow, Face Tan, Straighten, Rotate, Flip, and Sharpen,

Photos – This category offers 3 sections:

1. Rotate – 90, 180. 270 degrees.
2. Crop – Free, Original, and Square.
3. Filters – Now here’s where you are given 2 to 4 options for each filter.

The following Filters have 4 graded settings each: Warm, Cross Process, B&W, Cool, Contrast, Retrolux 1, Retrolux 2.

Drama 1 and Drama 2 Filters have only 2 setting each.

4. Frames – Worn, Instant, Filed, Modern, View, Dark, Scratchy, and Film each have 4 different settings each. Round, Clean, and Easel have only 1 option.

For those of you who grew up in the digital camera age, a “filed” frame is the result of filing the opening in a negative film carrier to make it larger than the film image . . . the result was the enlarger exposed a rough black border around the full-frame image . . . everyone who viewed the print knew that no cropping was done to the original film image.

The following images were taken using the Photojojo wide angle/macro lens mounted on the Galaxy Centura cam . . . shot the pics in the backyard and on the dining room table, edited while hiding in the bathroom.


photojojo lenses . . .

I bought the wide angle/macro combo lens and the telephoto lens from Photojojo for my iPod Touch and new Samsung Galaxy Centura (3 mpx cam) . . . $46 USD & change.

Some thoughts after messing with the lenses . . .

The metal anchor ring fits on the iPod Touch camera lens just fine . . . but the Samsung camera lens snout is square resulting in noticeable vignetting . . . no big deal, it just means you have to allow for the fuzzy corners, or if you like fuzzy corners then no problem . . . OR you can file a square opening into one of the metal anchor rings before you attach it to the Samsung phone body.

When using the macro lens by itself the entire image is vignette free; and, the macro lens lets you get VERY personal with your subject matter.

It’s going to be very interesting using the lenses with apps like Hipstamatic, Puddingcam and other photo apps that let you use the onboard camera to import images. Some of the “darkroom” apps work fine, i.e. Pixlr Express+ . . . camera apps like 6X6 and Hipstamatic show no vignetting like the default iPod Touch cam . . .

Here’s a photo taken with the iPod Touch and the wide angle/macro combo lens . . . I used the camera feature on the Pixlr-o-matic app to capture the image and then let the random FX generator do it’s magic . . . final settings:

frame = ground
light = shine
film = Hagrid


There was a bit of vignette but the frame covered it nicely . . .

I have to remove the Griffin Survivor case to use the lenses, but I’m going to modify the case’s hard shell to allow me to attach the lenses without first removing it from the case.

android tracfone . . .

Day 1

I bought an Android powered TracFone . . . the Samsung Galaxy Centura to replace my old Net 10 LG.

u-u-u-uh what the fuck is up ?? I tried for 6 hours to get my airtime card minutes loaded, and after 6 hours and 3 calls to TracFone the phone was still not functioning . . .

you think Apple stuff is geeky . . . go buy something powered by Android . . . the web pages won’t play on my iPad and if you need to find a solution you have to talk to a machine at TracFone with limited solution options.

Think I’ll probably take the fone back . . .

Day 2

Another attempt to get the thing powered up . . . last chance before it gets dumped.

I spent 45 minutes on my landline talking with a TracFone rep . . . she had to restart the Samsung 3x before it finally got itz shit together.

Now I’m learning how to answer an incoming call . . . and I can send a txt message and attach a photo . . . whole-lee shit . . . bought a baby SD card but still have to hook-up to my PC laptop to configure the it so I can use the mini-storage device . . . OMFG !!

Downloaded the ESRI ArcGIS app.

I do like the fone’s navi capabilities . . . feels a bit like my old iPod Touch 3G . . . got a nice “heft” to it.

iPod Touch on the left . . .