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Tokyo . . . pleasure night


From CNN.com Anthony Bourdain Parts Unkown
Season 2, Episode 7

Interestingly, in a recent London Observer article, it is claimed that 61% of unmarried Japanese men and 49% of unmarried women are not involved in any kind of a romantic relationship; 45% of Japanese women polled said they were “not interested in or despised sexual contact.”

With the statistical rise in numbers of “hikikimori,” shut-ins or recluses who have given up on the outside world and live largely online as avatars, “shingurus” (parasite singles) who continue to live with their parents well into their 30s, and “otaku,” proud members of the growing “geek” culture, fewer and fewer young Japanese seem to be having actual sex — living out their fantasy sexual lives vicariously. Virtual girlfriends, lifelike, custom-designed dolls, pillows designed to “hug” lonely singles, all play a part in a broader spectrum of loneliness and desire.

Afraid of rejection, uninterested in the complications of involvement, many Japanese are happy to pay intimidating sums of money simply to be flirted with, assured that they are interesting and amusing, and made to feel special — often at “hostess bars” where no actual sex ever occurs.

For me, watching Tokyo Nights was like watching a DVD of Vermillion Pleasure Night . . . the other thing that was a bit unsettling was the opening and closing scene where Tony is seated at a bar . . . same fucking bar where Bill Murray sat doing the Suntory commercial in Lost in Translation . . . in fact Tokyo Nights was sort of a remake of Lost in Translation . . . WTF ?! Like I said, watch Vermillion Pleasure Night on DVD . . .

There is no desire in Japan only libido . . . self-gratification . . . worship of onanism and the almighty yen . . . a society mired in masturbation.

Have you ever watched Japanese porn . . . bukkake . . . the ultimate degradation of the female . . . spewing ejaculate on a woman’s face.

Three or more “men” fucking and ejaculating on one woman . . .

I’m going to watch Detroit the season finale and try to figure out what’s so special about Detroit . . . maybe the Pistons . . . maybe the Red Wings . . . they got one hell of a team logo.

. . . photo from the Internet, all rights reserved by the original owner.


Starbucks . . . Amsterdam

Well . . . Starbucks got this hot shit coffe shop in da Nederlands and what we got in the U.S. ??
Starbucks in Von’s super $$ mart . . . oh yeh, and there’s one in a hard to find parking mini-no strip joint “mall” . . . No wifi at the Von’s outlet . . . can’t even tip the barista . . . WTF??

Why do the big franchise owners think that Singapore Tokyo France et cetra deserve swank coffee house but not U.S.??
Yeh, maybe they’re right only rock climbers and freeloaders sit for hours on one cuppa joe . . . tapping emails about some stupid boulder or “wall” they just climbed with names like ” snapping pussy” (O.R. gorge) or ” Came-in-my-pants” . . .

Check this out . . .



. . . picture a “cowboy” with a generic white cowboy hat or John Deere cap, and spurs (you need spurs to drive your pick-up) standing in here looking for the bathroom . . .

Snagged the photos off Google, property of their respective owners, All Rights Reserved.

Aunty P’s quickie . . .

HOLY CRAP . . . where have I been . . .? Well, better late than never . . .


Read the good stuff here . . .

I’ve been lurking outside the “rag” man’s workroom hoping for a chance to see more of the mystery inside . . .


. . . not the workroom . . . some historic structure in Iceland . . .

Whenever I see a photo of Karl (Lagerfeld) I think of Robot Chicken or . . . or those little South Park characters . . . mainly because the head doesn’t quite fit the body – I expect the body to walk off and leave the head suspended, hovering in space completely self-sufficient . . . Karl is always 2 or 3 light years ahead of everyone . . .. BUT . . . cannibals eat human meat or flesh (if you prefer a more delicate reference) , we are carnivores as evidenced by our canine-like teeth, so a bit of “meat” on occasion is O.K. (ref. “10 things Karl Lagerfeld could do without“)

South Park brings to mind the “Head Lice” episode and Angelina Jolie . . .

In all my contracts it says, if you want me, send a private jet . . .” probably should have a t-shirt with that on the front down hear the hem-line . . .

And I like this . . . “I imagine the world from my window.” Yeh . . . it’s true, why go somewhere if there are going to be lots of people who went to the same place as you, just to be able to tell their friends “oh, I was in Paris and saw THIS concert . . . it was AWESOME . . .

I asked this guy I was introduced to (social thing) how he liked Japan (I had heard that he had been to Japan recently) and he said “. . . It was AWESOME . . .” O – K – A – Y . . . and then I asked him if he had been in Tokyo, and he said, “No, we were in Kyoto . . . it was AWESOME . . .


. . . really . . .

Avant Garde Magazine

Avant Garde: A Magazine

The images that are in this post are from issue #1 of the magazine AVANT GARDE, published in January of 1968. The cover painting is by Richard Lindner – title of the painting is “Ice” (courtesy of the Whitney Museum, New York).


Avant Garde #1

Edited by Ralph Ginsburg and published in New York by AVANT GARD MEDIA, Inc. the magazine feature articles and art relevant to the Late 1960’s and early 1970’s. I’m not sure when the magazine ceased publication, but like all things, times change and the interest probably faded; all I can remember is that it wasn’t available after a few years.


Page one

Lindner had been a concert pianist, a magazine illustrator and a teacher most of his life, before emerging as an important figure in the Pop Art movement. Enjoy the images of Richard Lindner, and for those of you who grew up during the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, reminisce . . .


Page 2 & 3

Articles in the first issue other than the Lindner paintings included:
“What Makes Nixon Run?”, “Drawings by Muhammad Ali”, something about the Fugs and metamorphic jewelry, to mention a few, pretty esoteric stuff . . . .


Page 4


Page 5

The Richard Lindner paintings in the post are courtesy of the following collections or galleries: Cordier & Ekstrom Gallery, the Harris & Steinberg Collection, Galleria Galatea, I.M Pei, the Museum of Modern Art, Morton Newman, the Larry Aldrich Museum, the Laurence Tisch Collection, Mr. & Mrs. Lester Avnet,, Charles Benenson, the Helen Harding Collection, Mrs. Philip Harari, and the Guiberson Collection.


Page 6

It should also be noted that the above named were the owners of the paintings in 1968, when the magazine was published, since then ownership of the paintings may have changed.


Page 7


Inside back cover


Back cover - classic, works today.

Here’s two books that might be of interest:

“Stencil Graffiti” Tristan Manco, ISBN 0-5—28342-4
“Street Graphics TOKYO”, Barry Dawson, 2002, ISBN 0-500-28379-6