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Bridging the gap . . .

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moon . . .Ā 


the moon through a smokey filter . . . 

August . . . aghast . . .Ā 


Here’s an enhanced image of the late afternoon sun shot through some trees . . . we’ve been plagued by smoke from a wildfire burning in the Sierra Nevada mountains for more than a week now . . . Irritates the eyes, nose and throat . . . 

I used the iPod Touch 5G with a telephoto accessory lens from Photojojo . . . ran the image through the Pixlr-o-matic + app for enhanced color, and made some adjustments with the iPad mini’s onboard photo editor . . . 

the NEW world . . .

August 1 . . . it’s 31 or 33 trash days into the NEW world since the Mayan apocalypse . . . there’s a wildfire burning over the hill to the west and the valley is filled with smoke . . . fucks up the eyes and you can smell it in yer sleep.
If this was caused by “man” the asshole needs to caught and stuffed head first into a smoldering 50 gallon drum of garbage . . . and the lid snapped shut !!


well, seems like lightning is being blamed for that fire, but word on the street has it that the big one near Yosemite (the Rim fire) was caused by some asshole hunter . . . a “sportsman” . . .

Is it really 2011?

Fire update –


I’ll be checking the homesite tomorrow, Saturday; last report was that 12 structures at “the Camp” were listed as burned, but since there were a number of abandoned buildings in the neighborhood, hopefully those made up the bulk of those listed as destroyed.


Looks like it’s time to start a new chapter . . . OMG!! Is it 2012 already??!


Remember all the Japanese families in the Sendai/Fukushima area of northeastern Honshu.