Old school – NEW world

Bridging the gap . . .

is it working . . . 

O-M-F-G !!  I finally got an image to load !!


Taken with the iPad 2 cam . . . grainy . . . available low light . . . gotta check the iPad mini now.

smoke haze . . . 

This is what it looks like outside . . . again. 

. . . definitely not purple . . . or Dolores.

the closet

a place for contemplation. . . solitude . . . the long legged spider down near the floor prompts, reminding me that maybe I should run the vacuum along the baseboards and get rid of the bits of dust that have accumulated in the past week.
I’m back in the grayscale mode . . . 

Shot with my iPod Touch 5G, Photojojo wide angle/macro lens.

pictures @ exhibition

The images were cut from a contact proof sheet and mounted to simulate exhibition enlargements . . . the “prints” were then placed on the walls of a maquette as part of a presentation illustrating a proposed color scheme change for the existing gallery walls.  The proof sheet was from a shoot in Little Tokyo around 1980.

moons of Venus


reminiscing . . .

sunday 8/23/2015


spy lens . . . 

the “spy” lens is here . . . but remember, yer shooting a mirrored image so you need to flip the image so it “reads” correctly . . . 

A grayscale exercise . . . tweaked contrast, etc with onboard photo editor . . .



I have to admit, this is a bit of a cheat . . . it’s a still from a video I shot a few minutes ago.  This tiger swallow tail butterfly was camped on the door jamb when first saw it, and by the time I got my iPod Touch it was orbiting the light with moths and some other winged insects . . . I shot a video with the Videon app and after viewing the mvi, I used the app’s still shot feature to capture the butterfly and its moth wingman . . . did a bit of cropping with the onboard camera photo editing feature.

on the wagon . . . 

You’ve heard the old saying, “I fell off the wagon.” Yeh, well there’s always something that makes you climb back on . . . Like falling off a horse or crashing yer bike . . . you just get back on. 

 Here’s the reason I got back on the camera: 

Yeh, an old Linhof Combi-U tripod with a Leitz ball head.

I haven’t used it with my Nikon Coolpix or my iPod cameras yet, but it made me realize I’d just been sitting on my ass for the past few months . . . moping.

 So I ordered a Nuku Shutter Remote, a Universal Glif, and a Smartphone Spy Lens, all from Photojojo.  

The “spy” lens so I can get those weird high/low angle shots without having to do some yoga stretches so I don’t pull a muscle . . . really . . . after turning 60, I got “real” and confessed that I was no longer 14 years old and needed to reassess the limits of my flexibility/mobility . . . like, “Yer not a kid anymore!!

. . . the old guy in the mirror really was me and not Ezra Pound.

So begins a new chapter . . . 


Couple of pics shot last Friday (8/14/2015) . . . did these with the Hipstamatic Tintype app on the iPod Touch . . . stuff underfoot.




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